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10/2/15 Initial Document Creation

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud, October Update

This document provides an overview of this update to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

Announcements and New Features

Configuration of IP Whitelist (Network Restricted Access)

As an Identity Domain Administrator or Service Administrator, you can now create a whitelist or blacklist of IP addresses, subnets, and Classless Inter-Domain Routing to control access to each service instance. See Setting Up Network Restricted Access for details.

New EPM Automate Utility Version

A new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available with this update. This version implements the feedback command, which enables Service Administrators to use the utility to send comments and feedback to Oracle. For detailed information, see Command Reference.

Install the new version now to use the new command. The new version, however, must be installed before December 4, 2015 to ensure compatibility. See Installing Clients for instructions.

Deprecation of File Transfer Utility

Oracle is committed to providing comprehensive tools to automate many of the tasks that Service Administrators can perform within instances. To this end, Oracle has enhanced the capabilities of the EPM Automate Utility, which can now perform all the activities that you can complete using the File Transfer Utility (EPMCopy.exe). As a result, the File Transfer Utility will be deprecated starting with the January 1, 2016 service update.

File Transfer Utility commands can easily be converted to EPM Automate commands. For example, consider the following File Transfer Utility command (which connects to a service instance, uploads a file, and then runs a data rule):


The preceding command can be converted to these EPM Automate Utility commands to perform the same operations using similar parameters:

epmautomate login user password

epmautomate uploadfile D:\WORK\FDMEE\PBCS\GLData.dat inbox

epmautomate rundatarule Vision Jan-15 Jan-15 REPLACE STORE_DATA GLData.dat

Defects Fixed

Defect Number


21778959/ 21627940

Data load process using the EPM Automate Utility no longer causes the Planning application to become unresponsive.


Smart View forms now correctly display formula rows.

21698822/ 21637161

You no longer receive the "session is not authenticated" error while attempting to create currency conversion scripts.


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