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28 APR 2017

Initial document creation

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud, May Update

This document outlines the announcements and known issues in the upcoming Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service update.

Announcements and Known Issues

Monthly Update Schedule

We would like to inform you of the upcoming monthly update for your Oracle Cloud environments. We will apply the latest updates to your test environment on Friday, May 5, 2017 and to your production environment on Friday, May 19, 2017. The update will be applied during your normal daily maintenance window.

The Oracle Help Center, which provides access to updated documentation, will also be available on May 5, 2017.

Support for Larger Outlines When Copying POVs

You can now copy partial Point of View (POV) data for applications with larger underlying Essbase outlines. To do this, you must now select a model view, which enables you to define a portion of the POV data to be copied. The Allocated Values and Adjustment Values copy options are removed. Equivalent parameters are added to and removed from the Copy ML POV Data REST API resource and the copypov EPM Automate operation.

Customized Home Page Background Color

Service Administrators can now replace the default background color with a different color theme. For instructions, see “Customizing Home Page Appearance” in Administering Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud.

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Supports Smart View Private Connections

Currently, Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud supports only Private Connections with Smart View. For details, see “Accessing Smart View” in Chapter 2 of Getting Started with Oracle Profitability and Cost Management for Administrators and Getting Started with Oracle Profitability and Cost Management for Users.

Avoid Special Characters in Artifact Names, Including Calculation Rules

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud does not allow special characters in artifact names, including calculation rules. If you are migrating an application from on-premise Profitability and Cost Management, you must remove any special characters from rule names before you perform the migration.

Removal of Support for Financial Reporting Studio Desktop Client

Oracle is committed to providing a simple and intuitive user experience. To achieve this, Financial Reporting Web Studio, available since March 2016, will become the only environment for designing and building reports.

Oracle is providing additional time for users to transition from Financial Reporting Desktop Studio to Financial Reporting Web Studio. Tentative plans call for functional parity between Financial Reporting Web Studio and Financial Reporting Desktop Studio in late 2017, at which time, support for the Desktop Studio will transition to the Web Studio and distribution of the Desktop Studio will cease.

Oracle recommends that you transition to using Financial Reporting Web Studio at the earliest opportunity. Please send questions and concerns to Oracle using the Provide Feedback option in the service.


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