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Project Performance Reporting

Oracle Fusion Project Performance Reporting delivers a revolutionary approach to help project-driven organizations keep pace and keep score through extraordinary project performance insight. It allows project stakeholders to receive answers to critical business questions and take action in real time, utilizing a multidimensional model at the heart of the solution to deliver the right information at the right time.

Effectively Manage Project Lifecycle

Utilize an enhanced exception-based dashboard with a simplified user interface. Resolve exceptions directly from the dashboard or by drilling down to the relevant work area. Create new projects from the dashboard in a simplified manner.

Analyze Over and Underallocated Resources

View weekly resource allocations with a visualization that indicates whether a resource is over or underallocated. Efficiently navigate to analyze task assignment details and reallocate resources.

Efficiently Manage Project Milestones

Gain insight into the past due, at risk, and upcoming project milestones. Quickly drill down to a new timeline view of the milestones and take action to set them as complete.

Efficiently Monitor Project Progress

Utilize an enhanced user interface to review the target and actual percentage of work completed on your projects. Review projects that may not complete on schedule. Easily view task-related issues for a project and initiate action towards resolution.

Ensure Timely Approval of Project Invoices

Review the total amount of project invoices that are awaiting approval. Approve or reject project invoices and drill down to review invoice lines as necessary.

Expedite Change Order Approval and Completion

Review pending change orders which are in various stages such as impact assessment, review, and approval. Drill down to view details of the change order and take action to expedite the process of approval.

Gain Visibility of Project Overspending

Analyze the variance between the project cost and budget. Take action to create new budgets, or drill down to review unplanned transactions.

Monitor Project Resource Assignments

Monitor resource assignments that end soon and take immediate action to extend the assignment. Review reserved resources assigned to your projects and efficiently confirm or cancel the resource assignments.

Monitor Uninvoiced Project Cost

Efficiently manage the billing cycle by monitoring uninvoiced project cost. Drill down to analyze the transaction details for those projects with high uninvoiced cost.

Proactively Track and Take Action on Missing Time Cards

Track time cards that are missing or have partially reported hours. Review details for the time cards such as project, resource, and status. Start a social conversation to remind a resource to submit their time card.

Streamlined Access to Edit KPI Threshold Levels

Easily enter and maintain threshold levels using a button on the Edit Key Performance Indicators page.

Track Project Performance Using Key Performance Indicators

Review project health based on the status of key performance indicators (KPIs). Gain clear insight on KPIs that are in critical status. Easily start conversations with team members, or drill down to the related project transactions, and take action to improve project performance.

Project Costing

Oracle Fusion Project Costing captures commitments and costs from across the Fusion applications and supports third-party integrations. The unique cost collection and processing needs of different sources are streamlined to provide timely insight into validated project costs.

Analyze Project Burden Budgetary Control Exceptions

Review all funds check errors in a single location and analyze project burden cost exceptions.

Create Assets for a Project Template Using Microsoft Excel

Use Microsoft Excel to quickly create large volumes of assets for capital projects, and then assign the assets to projects and tasks.

Create Encumbrance Accounting for Project Burden Costs

Gain financial insight by creating encumbrance accounting for project burden costs related to commitments and obligations.

Enhanced Design for Reviewing and Adjusting Project Costs

Track project costs to monitor the financial health of the project using an enhanced list view. Gain immediate access to key cost-related information for the project, including unplanned transactions, committed cost, and actual cost. Take immediate action by initiating a cost adjustment.

Enhanced Integration with Oracle Fusion Payables to Include Self-Assessed Tax

Provide full visibility of projects costs to include self-assessed tax recorded on supplier invoices by integrating them with Oracle Fusion Project Costing.

Group Cost Transactions into Asset Lines by Invoice

Capitalize costs from Oracle Fusion Project Costing to Oracle Fusion Assets by including the invoice number, invoice line number, and invoice line type.

Limit the List of Projects in Oracle Fusion Time and Labor

Improve billing accuracy by limiting the projects seen on a time card to only those projects where the team member is listed on the project-level transaction control.

Enforce Budgetary Control on Expenditure Item Adjustments

Perform adjustments on project costs directly in Oracle Fusion Project Costing and immediately view the updated control budget balances.

Enforce Budgetary Control on Project Based Receipt Accruals

Leverage Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control to strengthen financial control in Oracle Fusion Project Costing by budget checking both raw and burdened costs on project-based receipts.

Review Impact of Making Adjustments to Previously Invoiced Transactions

View a message that informs you that you’re making adjustments to transactions that were previously invoiced.

Support Coexistence Between Oracle Fusion Project Costing and External Applications

Extract cost and cross-charge distribution lines when you perform accounting in an external application.

Transfer Individual Cost Transactions to Oracle Fusion Assets

Transfer asset lines at the same level of detail as the cost transaction when selecting the expenditure item grouping method. Subsequent cost adjustments are also transferred as new additions.

Project Billing

Oracle Fusion Project Billing accelerates invoice processing while reducing billing errors through a functionally rich work area offering visibility into formatted invoices with estimated taxes. Embedded analytics for contract revenue, invoice, profitability and margin give insight into potential contract and payment problems.

Create Contracts from External Applications with Web Services

Use the Project Contract web service to simplify integration with external applications. Automate the creation of contracts, bill plans, revenue plans, associated projects, and billing controls from your existing applications.

Create Project Billing Events with a File-Based Data Loader

Use a Microsoft Excel template to quickly and efficiently create project billing events. For example, you can use this approach during the initial data migration to capture the project billing events from an external application.

Create Project Contract Billing Details with a File-Based Data Loader

Use a Microsoft Excel template to quickly and efficiently create project contracts, contract lines, bill plans, and revenue plans. For example, you can use this approach during the initial data migration to create contracts from an external application.

Create Project Contract Revenue Accounting Entries Using Additional Sources

Derive the revenue account based on user-defined attributes on the expenditure item, the salesperson revenue account, item sales account, or transaction type revenue account in Oracle Fusion Receivables.

Enhanced Limit Checking for Credit Memos

Optimize contract funding utilization by reducing funds consumption and increasing funds availability caused by credits.

Enhancements for Managing Project Contracts

Billing specialists benefit from the following usability enhancements:

Improve Audit Reporting for Contract Revenue and Invoices

Use the additional attributes available for last update date, last updated by, creation date, and created by, for revenue and invoices, to monitor when someone last managed revenue and invoices.

Provide View-Only Access to Revenue and Invoices

Create roles to enable users to view the invoice and revenue work areas using the new privileges such as, view project contract invoice and view project contract revenue, based on your business needs to avoid providing update access to auditors and stakeholders.

Review and Approve Project Billing Invoices

Examine invoices and track aged receivables and remaining funding for projects. Project managers can review billing invoices for a project, including transactions details and estimated tax, and quickly decide whether to approve or reject each invoice.

Review Estimated Invoice Tax in Notifications

Invoice approvers can now review estimated tax for the invoice in e-mail notifications before approving the invoice.

Support Coexistence Between Oracle Fusion Project Billing and External Applications

Extract project billing invoices and revenue when you perform accounting in an external application.

Project Control

Oracle Fusion Project Control provides full-function project planning, progress management, budgeting and forecasting, as well as delivered integration to Microsoft Project.

Create Budgets from External Applications with Web Services

Use the Project Budget web service to simplify integration with external applications and automate the creation of budgets from your existing applications.

Create Forecast Versions with a File-Based Data Loader

Use a Microsoft Excel template to quickly and efficiently create forecasts. For example, you can use this approach during initial data migration to create forecasts from an external application.

Enhancements for Managing Financial Project Plans

Increase the productivity of project managers while managing financial project plans:

Perform Adjustments on Control Budgets

Manage control budget adjustments including budgetary amounts, control levels, and project managers. Preview budgetary amount changes before setting the project budget to baseline.

Streamline Budget Creation User Experience

Utilize the default financial plan type to streamline and optimize budget creation. Leverage a new setting to automatically create the budget with a minimum number of steps.

Project Foundation

Oracle Fusion Project Foundation includes common components that are shared across products within Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management. It includes the basic project plan structure and components such as resource breakdown structures, rate schedules, pricing, burdening, and cross-charge processing.

Calculate Units When Importing New Resource Assignments in Microsoft Project

Allow Microsoft Project to calculate dates, work, or units during the import of new resource assignments from the financial project plan. For example, if you choose to calculate units, the dates and work are used in Microsoft Project to calculate the units.

Deliver Predefined Values for Setup Objects

Minimize the time required to set up your application by using predefined values for revenue categories, financial plan types, project plan types, revenue methods, invoice methods, billing cycles, and event types. Change or remove any predefined setup as required by your organization.

Enhanced Control for Creating Non-Billable Tasks

Increase control of creating non-billable financial tasks through the introduction of a new security privilege for the project manager role.

Implement Project Hierarchy-Based Security for Project Executives

Designate who can view information at each level of the project hierarchy to control reporting visibility across the organization. Application administrators can assign and remove owners and viewers to each element within the enterprise project structure. Owners can, in turn, manage the viewers for their elements.

Leverage a Common Project Definition for Work Plan and Financial Planning

Quickly create a project with minimal information for initial planning, staffing, and scheduling purposes. When you are ready to move ahead on the project, optionally choose to enable financial management capabilities for the project to collect costs, generate budgets and forecasts, and bill customers. For example, create projects for sales opportunities with no financial impact, and when the opportunity matures, enable financial management capabilities for the project.

Leverage a Single Project Status Lifecycle for Work and Financial Planning

Leverage a single set of statuses for all projects to track the project lifecycle. Use the set of predefined statuses for all projects across all business and project units, and create user-defined statuses.

Maintain Financial Tasks in a Detailed Project Work Plan

Create financial tasks in the project work plan and add detailed non-financial tasks for planning and scheduling purposes. Manage key financial task attributes, including specifying whether a task is billable and chargeable, while planning and scheduling the work on the project. Include financial tasks on work plan templates to accelerate project creation.

Manage Project Finances and Execute Projects in a Single Work Area

Perform all project work from a single work area, including project planning and scheduling, staffing the project, managing project finances, and tracking performance. After selecting a project, the project manager can stay perform all necessary actions, relevant to a project, to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Manage Projects Using a Representational State Transfer (REST) Service

Create and maintain projects from any third-party application using a Representational State Transfer (REST) service. Create projects with a minimum set of attributes, such as a project name, start date, and project manager. Optionally specify a project template to manage the financial aspects of the project. Projects created without a project template are available for planning and scheduling, while projects with a template are also available for financial management purposes, such as tracking costs and generating invoices.

Perform Rapid Implementation of Project Financial Management Applications

Rapidly implement the Project Financial Management applications by entering and uploading key setup data using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Quickly Find and Select Persons Using Autocomplete

As you enter a person's name, the application suggests persons whose last name or first names start with the letters you entered. Select a suggested name from the list or press Tab to select the person when a single person is suggested. You can differentiate people in the suggestion list by their e-mail address.

Set Up Project Organizations Without Hierarchies

Optionally implement Project Financial Management applications without organization hierarchies. When hierarchies are not used, all project and task owning organizations, and expenditure organizations are available across business units.

Specify Service Type and Work Type while Creating Tasks with a File-Based Data Loader

Enter the service type and work type when you create tasks with the file-based data loader.

Grants Management

Oracle Fusion Grants Management provides a robust and integrated solution for managing the complete post-award lifecycle. Grants related transactions are fully validated at the point of entry, ensuring that sufficient budget is available and only allowed cost categories are charged. Indirect costs are applied to all applicable transactions and are then included in all accounting, reporting, and billing activities. Standard invoice and report formats are provided to ensure that your sponsors receive information in the way that they require. A comprehensive, multi-dimensional ad-hoc reporting platform is available to track all grant funding and expenditures.

Account Sponsored Project Transactions Using Award Attributes

Ensure proper accounting by specifying account rules based on award attributes including award organization, award type, and user-defined attributes, to generate account journals for both direct and indirect costs.

Approve Sponsored Project Transactions Using Award Attributes

Effectively route approvals of sponsored project expense reports, requisitions, and purchase orders to appropriate personnel based on award attributes. For example, send requests for supplies or equipment to the principal investigator of the award for review and approval.

Create Sponsored Project Requisitions and Purchase Orders with a File-Based Data Loader and Services

Use a Microsoft Excel template to quickly and efficiently create project requisitions and purchase orders using the file-based data loader in Oracle Fusion Procurement. Alternatively, use services to simplify integration and automate the creation of project requisitions and purchase orders from external applications.

Report Indirect Cost as Direct Cost in Federal Financial Reports

Easily report fringe benefit costs as direct costs in the Federal Financial Report. Specify other indirect costs as direct costs for reporting purposes.

Project Management

Oracle Fusion Project Management extends project planning, management, and scheduling capabilities to all individuals within the enterprise who are required to manage project-based work. Project managers can engage with team members to develop tasks, resolve issues, report progress, and monitor the status of the project to ensure that objectives are realized.

Analyze and Take Action on Project Milestones

Analyze milestones for your projects in a timeline view to immediately see the milestones that are past due and those requiring action. Take action to set milestones as complete.

Analyze Project Change Orders Using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Analyze project change order details such as status, priority, and impact assessments using the Project Management - Change Management Real Time subject area for project managers and team members in Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence.

Analyze Project Requirements Using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Analyze project requirements and backlog items using the Project Management - Requirements Real Time subject area for project managers in Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence. Create reports to analyze data using dimensions such as requirement hierarchy levels, project, sprint, release, product, product owner, and scrum master. View details of backlog items, including user stories, story points, and acceptance criteria.

Analyze the Product Backlog Burnup and Sprint Velocity in the Requirements Work Area

Monitor the sprint velocity and track the product backlog burnup graphically in the Requirements work area. Use the View Requirements Analytics page to view the graphs and set filters to analyze the progress from sprint to sprint.

Assign Multiple Labor Resources to Project Tasks

Staff multiple labor resources on project tasks for quick project planning and to meet your project goals. Maintain short and crisp project plans by assigning multiple labor resources to tasks. Hover on the Resource column to quickly view all the resource assignments for a task. The primary resource for a task can report progress and propose new dates or effort needed to complete the task. Other resources assigned on the task can view the task details in read-only mode.

Associate Project Tasks with Work Items within Oracle Fusion Innovation Management and Oracle Fusion Product Development

Associate project tasks with work items in Oracle Fusion Innovation Management or Oracle Fusion Product Development. Product managers, product design managers, and product design engineers can create work items and monitor task progress without switching to the Project Management work area.

Automatically Update Work Item Version References

Automatically update draft work items to ensure that the work items are always associated with the latest version of a Concept, Proposal, or Requirements Specification.

Collaborate on Project Change Orders Using Oracle Social Network

Collaborate socially on change orders to track and discuss the impacts on project scope. Using the integration with Oracle Social Network, change order creators, owners, and other interested participants can start conversations and interact with each other. Team members can collaboratively upload and review documents, highlight critical information, and communicate in real time to get change orders approved for faster implementation.

Collaborate on Project Deliverables Using Oracle Social Network

Collaborate socially on project deliverables to track and discuss the outcome of project work. Using the integration with Oracle Social Network, deliverable owners, and other interested participants can start conversations and interact with other participants and interested parties. Team members can collaboratively upload and review documents, highlight critical information, and communicate in real-time to get deliverables completed in time.

Create Project Enterprise Expense Resources in Oracle Fusion from Oracle E-Business Suite Expenditure Types

As part of the Oracle Fusion Project Management setup, create project enterprise resources in Oracle Fusion Project Management based on the expenditure types in Oracle E-Business Suite.

Create Projects to Manage Sourcing Negotiations

Create a project from the context of a negotiation in Oracle Fusion Sourcing to track and manage the work related to the negotiation. Drive task completion based on key events in the negotiation lifecycle and facilitate the collaboration of the entire negotiation team.

Efficiently Maintain Project Enterprise Resources

Leverage the latest enhancements for maintaining project enterprise resources. Enhancements include a web service to read project enterprise resource information, the ability to update project enterprise resource information using file-based data import, and an option to update cost rates of HCM-linked resources based on financial rates logic.

Efficiently Manage Project Resources and Dependencies

Manage project plans using an updated user interface with all of the key information available directly in the context of each task. Quickly manage labor and expense resources and task dependencies in the main task table.

Efficiently Manage Work Items on a Project

Manage all work items for a project on a single page. In addition to managing work items in the context of a task, project managers can now edit work item associations and task completion rules for all project work items in the same location. The project manager can monitor the progress of each work item as the application automatically completes tasks based on activity in Oracle Fusion Innovation Management, Oracle Fusion Product Development, or Oracle Fusion Sourcing.

Enhanced Design for Managing Project Resources

View labor and expense resources in a graphical card format or in a list view. The project manager can quickly take action to add resources, confirm resource assignments, or update resource details.

Additional enhancements include calculating hours per day from percent allocation according to the project calendar, using the project role specified for a resource in the Project Enterprise Resource definition as the default role of the resource on the project, and setting the initial resource assignment status to Planned.

Enhanced Microsoft Project Integration with Oracle Fusion Project Management

Leverage the latest enhancements when creating projects in Oracle Fusion Project Management from Microsoft Project. The integration supports multiple resources for lowest-level tasks in a project plan, validates the dependencies and constraints for milestones, and supports negative lag.

Enhanced User Interface for the Manage Project Resources Page

Leverage the latest user interface design innovation to enhance the overall user experience when searching for resources to fulfill project resource requests and assign resources.

Enhancements for Managing Project Plans

Increase the productivity of project managers while managing project plans. You can:

Enhanced User Interface for Managing Task Exceptions

Review and act on task exceptions on a user interface optimized for quick assessment of exceptions. For example, review overdue tasks or proposed changes in dates or effort from team members. The project manager can choose to immediately accept or reject proposed changes or preview the impact of the changes on the project schedule before making a decision.

Integrate Oracle E-Business Suite Projects with Project Execution Management

Leverage the streamlined integration to plan and schedule your projects using Oracle Fusion Project Management and manage the financial aspects of the project using Oracle E-Business Suite Projects. Create the project in Oracle Fusion Project Management and, when the project is ready for financial activities to begin, import the project into Oracle E-Business Suite Projects. Only financial tasks are imported into Oracle E-Business Suite Projects so you can plan and schedule at a low level of detail and collect costs and bill at a higher level of the task structure. You can also import project-level resource assignments into Oracle E-Business Suite to a project-level budget.

As you collect actual hours worked in Oracle E-Business Suite Projects, you can import the hours into Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management for reporting the actual utilization of resources.

Manage Negotiation Project Tasks and Collaboration Team

Associate project tasks with a negotiation to manage work on the negotiation and track progress. Category managers can add project resources to the negotiation collaboration team.

Notify Change Order Participants of Key Events

Notify change order participants and owners at critical points in the lifecycle of a project change order. Inform change order participants when they are assigned a role on the change order or if a change order is completed or canceled by the owner. Send notifications to change order owners when participants complete their work on the change order such as when they complete the impact assessment or approve or reject the change order.

Track Active Dates for Project Enterprise Resources

Track the dates for which each project enterprise labor resource is active and available for project assignments.

Track the Progress of Items, Product Change Orders, and Negotiations

Create project work items to track the progress of items and product change orders in Oracle Fusion Product Development and negotiations in Oracle Fusion Sourcing. Project managers can manage work items and quickly navigate to view additional details about each work item. This enhancement is in addition to the existing integration with Oracle Fusion Innovation Management.

Update the Financial Plan and Progress from the Project Plan

Create a detailed project plan to define and schedule project work. When the plan is ready, the project manager can update the financial plan and set the financial plan baseline from the summarized project plan information, including resources, effort, and task dates. As the project team reports progress, the project manager can choose to update the financial project plan and financial progress.

Task Management

Oracle Fusion Task Management lets organizations manage all work and related interactions in a consolidated place. Team members, challenged by the quantity of tasks they own, no longer have to track administrative and project work in different places since all tasks are managed and progressed in a single view.

Quickly Update Task Progress

Mark a task as started or finished with a single click from the Team Member Dashboard. The dashboard is enhanced to present the list of tasks starting or finishing in the current week. You can choose to review all overdue or unscheduled tasks and use the task type to quickly filter tasks.

Tag Tasks with a Streamlined User Interface

Organize tasks in a streamlined and efficient manner with enhancements to task tagging for team members. Use tags to filter and focus your task list and easily view, add, and remove tags for a task.

View Additional Information in Task Notifications for Team Members

Notify team members of important task updates. Team members receive e-mails when they are assigned a task, added as a follower to a task, or when a task that they follow is completed. This enhancement displays the task type in the e-mail notification subject line.

View Confirmed and Reserved Assignments on the Team Member Dashboard

View details about confirmed and reserved assignments from the calendar on the Team Member Dashboard. In addition, you can quickly add to-do tasks while reviewing your calendar.

Project Resource Management

With Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management organizations can optimize the allocation and utilization of their most precious resource: their people. Innovative and intuitive tools let resource managers and project managers ensure that the best-fit resource is identified and placed on each and every project assignment, to the benefit of the organization, the project resource, and the end customer, whether it be for internal or external billable projects.

Activate Resource Pool Memberships on Specific Dates

Track resource and resource pool utilization by using date ranges for resource pool memberships. Calculate resource utilization in a specific resource pool for the dates that the resource is a member of the pool. When a resource manager searches for resources in a resource pool, only resources who are active as of the assignment start date will appear in the search results.

Assign a Default Staffing Owner to a Project

Assign a default project staffing owner who is responsible for searching and evaluating labor resources to fulfill open resource requests for the project. The default staffing owner is automatically added to all resource requests for the project.

Consider Resource Travel Preferences when Searching and Evaluating Resources

Review and filter on resource travel preferences when searching for and evaluating candidates to fulfill a project resource request. Considering a resource's interest in traveling ensures job satisfaction and success on a project assignment.

Create and Update Resource Assignments with a File-Based Data Loader

Use a Microsoft Excel template to create project resource assignments or update existing assignments using the file-based data loader. For example, you can use this approach during the initial data migration or when required if you capture assignment information in an external application. After import, you can view and maintain resource assignments in Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management.

Create, Update, and View Resource Assignments with Web Services

Create, update, and view project resource assignments using web services. For example, you can use this approach during the initial data migration or when required if you capture assignment information in an external application.

Enable Project Managers to Confirm Resource Assignments

Project managers who manage both projects and resources can confirm and maintain resource assignments on projects without requiring approval from a resource manager. These assignments are reflected in the resource available capacity and projected utilization.

Generate Requests for Specific Resources

Project managers plan for named resources in the project plan and generate project resource requests for these resources. The resource manager receives a request for a specific resource and can evaluate that resource's suitability and approve the resource for the assignment in a timely manner.

Monitor Resource Assignments Ending Soon by Pool Owner

Monitor and maintain resource assignments that are ending soon on behalf of any resource pool owner. You can filter resource assignments ending in the next 14 days by pool owner to enable others to assist the pool owner in assignment maintenance when the pool owner is not available.

Provide a Single Source of Entry for Absence Management Events

Enter, review, and cancel absences in Oracle Fusion Absence Management and leverage this same information in Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management. For example, when employees or contingent workers enter their upcoming absence in Oracle Fusion Absence Management, the absence is also considered when calculating the available capacity for people in Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management. Resource managers and project managers can view the absence in the resource's schedule and on the project calendar. Team members can see the absence on their calendar on the Team Member Dashboard.

Reserve Resources for Project Assignments

Plan and reserve project resources early in the project planning lifecycle. The Reserved assignment status indicates that a resource is soft-booked on the project. The resource's available capacity and schedule reflect the reserved assignment. When the time is right to fully commit the resource, either the resource manager or the project manager can confirm the assignment.

Resource Management Usability Enhancements

Streamline the management of your resources with a set of enhancements to increase your efficiency.


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