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05 MAY 2017

Oracle Fusion Absence Management: Enhanced Accrual Plan Duration Calculations

New feature delivered in Update 16, the May Quarterly update.

02 SEP 2016

Oracle Fusion Absence Management: Enhanced Accrual Calculations Process

Added new feature information delivered in Update 3 (March).

02 SEP 2016

Oracle Fusion Absence Management: Absence Record Duration Override

Added new feature information delivered in Update 3 (March).

15 DEC 2015

Initial Document Creation


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Leave Management

Absence Management

Oracle Fusion Absence Management is a configurable and flexible global solution that enables organizations to manage absences of their workforce. The framework provides ability to define both complex and diverse absence plans. It integrates with the Oracle Fusion Global Payroll and Oracle Fusion Time and Labor products and provides dedicated work areas for the roles of Administrator and Employees. Simplified user interface is provided for employees’ absence data entry.

Provide Additional Flexibility for Accrual Calculations

Configure robust formulas to factor in external sources, such as hours worked to determine accrual rates. New database items help manage mid-period employment changes that impact accruals.

View Accrued Entitlements

Take advantage of improved accrual reporting. Employees, managers, and HR Specialists can view current, historic and projected accrual balances.

View Qualified Entitlements

Project qualified entitlements at different points in the worker's history. HR Specialists can configure this even if the workers have not used the entitlements yet.

Provide Rolling Forward Periods for Qualification Plans

Track plan entitlements under a rolling-forward period definition. US employers can use this definition to track time taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

New Attributes for Calculation of Qualified Entitlements

Take advantage of the new absence type and absence reason attributes and reference them in matrix-based calculations of entitlements. New configuration options are available for absence record linkage

Enhanced Accrual Calculations Process

Streamline your accrual processing to reduce processing times with a wider range of run time parameters for the Calculate Accruals and Balances process. Use the new Withdraw Accruals and Balances process in case of any errors when calculating or updating the plan balance.

Absence Record Duration Override

Configure absence types to allow daily duration overrides when entering absences in advanced mode.

Enhanced Accrual Plan Duration Calculations

Input the actual absence start and end dates values for the Global Absence Plan Duration fast formula.

Absence Support for Germany

Oracle Fusion Absence Management supports the following Germany-specific features and functionality:

Absence Accrual: Vacation

Set up absence plans and types for the vacation absence type based on different legal rules for the annual leave, leave for the heavily disabled persons, special leave, and unpaid leave. Easily configure vacation rules either based on the law or on a tariff or company agreement. Use accrual fast formula’s to calculate the vacation entitlement while considering different person groups, part-time employment or hires and terminations.

Time and Labor

Time and Labor

Oracle Fusion Time and Labor is a comprehensive, easy to use, rules-based time recording and management system. The calendar-based time entry interface and the fully configurable time card layout easily address simple and complex time recording needs. The rule templates and real-time rules engine provide an extensible and robust method to validate time entries and automatically apply pay rules, such as overtime calculations. Time and Labor now integrates completely with Oracle Fusion’s Global Human Resources, Absence Management, Global Payroll, and Project Costing. This ensures accurate and consistent data for payroll processing and costing as well as project management and billing.

Increased Time Management Efficiency

Enhanced Time Management Work Area

Access frequently used tasks efficiently in the newly streamlined Time Management work area. A new overview page provides analytics that identify time exceptions and time cards requiring approval. New tasks enable managers to resolve these exceptions. You can also add reports from the reports catalog to the work area.

Mass Time Card Creation and Mass Time Entry

Increase managers’ productivity by creating time cards or generating time events and time entries for a group of workers across a range of dates. Reduce time entry errors and missing time cards by scheduling recurring time card creation for groups of workers across a range of dates. Specify generation frequencies to ensure time cards are available to comply with business processes.

Mass Time Approvals

Streamline the time approval process with mass time approvals. The approver can approve a single time card or a group of time cards in a one-step process. In addition, the approver can edit, submit, and approve time cards in a single task.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Audit Reporting

Extend reportable data objects for OTBI to include costing segments as part of pay time type element entry. Also, include US locality, such as State, County, and City, and custom-defined time attributes. New subject areas are available that enable you to report on past versions of time cards. Enable managers to print the planned and published schedule for their teams.

Increased Range of Time Collection Methods

Time Collection Device Integration

Reduce administration and time entry errors with time collection device integration. Time and Labor provides highly configurable integration that supports all time collection devices, including web clocks, time clocks, and badge readers. Use delivered rule templates to create rules that validate entries against each worker's schedule. Send validated entries directly to payroll while routing exceptions to managers for review and approval. New delivered rule types validate time device entries and automatically save and submit them.

Additional Rule Types, Formulas, and Rule Templates

Validate and automatically save and submit time device events using new rule types. Additional time calculation rule templates enable you to access assigned schedules and rest period definitions when defining premium calculations.

Workforce Management Transactional Business Intelligence

Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence is a real time, self-service reporting solution offered to all Oracle Fusion application users to create ad hoc reports and analyze them for daily decision-making. Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence provides human resources managers and specialists, business executives, and line managers the critical workforce information to analyze workforce costs, staffing, compensation, performance management, talent management, succession planning, and employee benefits.

New Subject Areas for Reporting on Workforce Scheduling in Time and Labor

Streamline the process to plan work schedules, shifts, and employee time off using three new subject areas. Workforce Management – Scheduler Profiles Real Time enables you to report on who can schedule shifts, monitor coverage, and balance workloads for workers. Workforce Management – Planned Schedules Real Time reports on a team schedule for the week based on work schedule, including absences and general holidays. Finally, Workforce Management – Published Schedules Real Time lists the planned schedules that are published.

New Subject Areas for Historic Time and Labor Reporting

Simplify reporting on historic time and labor records using two new subject areas: Workforce Management – Historical Reported Time Cards Real Time and Workforce Management – Historical Processed Time Cards Real Time. You can report on both historic reported and processed time cards. Current time card data is reported on using previously delivered subject area.

New Dimension: Time Attribute in Time and Labor Subject Areas

Enhance time and labor reporting using a new dimension called Time Attribute. This new dimension enables you to report on custom time attributes that you create in Oracle Fusion Time and Labor. You create custom time attributes using the flex type structure where the segment is identified in defining values. The Time Attribute dimension enables you to report on different date data type values such as date, numeric, string, and timestamp, plus a master type time attribute dimension. All Time and Labor subject areas include this new dimension.

Time and Labor Sample Reports

Simplify your time and labor reporting using new sample reports: Time Cards by Status, Time Entry Transfer Status (Project Costing), Time Entry Transfer Status (Payroll). These reports use delivered attribute information enabling you to report on time associated with basic attributes, for example, time type summaries against periods and project summaries by person, by period.


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