Cloud Readiness / Oracle Common Technologies and User Experience
New Feature Summary
  1. Update 19B
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
    1. Reporting and Analytics
        1. SFTP Delivery Via Proxy Server
    2. BI Cloud Connector
        1. Inactive and Unavailable BI View Objects (BIVOs) and BIVO Columns for Exclusion from Extraction in BI Cloud Connector
    3. Extensibility
        1. Configure Bookmark and Shortcut Icons for Your Application
        2. User Interface Text Update
    4. User Experience
        1. Your Current Infolet View is Set as Your Default View for the Next Session

Update 19B

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Feature Notes
23 AUG 2019 SFTP Delivery Via Proxy Server Updated document. Delivered feature in update 19B.
08 MAR 2019   Created initial document.


This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this update.


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Reporting and Analytics

SFTP Delivery Via Proxy Server

With Release 19B, you are no longer required to engage Oracle Support to open SFTP Ports for connection to the SFTP Servers. Now SFTP connection to both standard and non-standard ports will be allowed via the proxy server. This makes the setup of SFTP connectivity a self service option and also shields SFTP connections from any impact due to changes to source or destination IP address. For existing SFTP connections, please refer to following details and take action as needed:

  1. If the destination SFTP server does not use IP white listing and has not been white listed Oracle IP previously - No action is needed.
  1. If the destination SFTP server is using IP white listing - Oracle proxy server IP needs to be added to the SFTP server white list. Please whitelist the IP(s) corresponding to your data center:

Please refer to Doc ID 2538902.1 for additional details.

BI Cloud Connector

Inactive and Unavailable BI View Objects (BIVOs) and BIVO Columns for Exclusion from Extraction in BI Cloud Connector

Beginning with Update 18B, there are BI View Objects and BI View Object columns that are unavailable or marked inactive in Oracle Applications Cloud. These objects are unavailable for extraction using BICC in Oracle Applications Cloud.


Configure Bookmark and Shortcut Icons for Your Application

You can now use the Appearance work area to configure your bookmark icon for desktop and shortcut icon for mobile devices.

User Interface Text Update

You can now opt into the new User Interface Text Update feature to have greater control over your text and how it’s edited. With this update, you can export and import text for offline translation and modification. You can also select and replace text more easily, and you get a more robust user interface for editing your text.

User Experience

Oracle continues to enrich your user experience in this release with a contemporary home page design and layout, a new and modern theme and a new icon style to go with it. The global header also got a facelift where its icons render in the new Outline style and there is less clutter. You can now find the Show Help and Access Accessibility Settings in the Settings and Actions menu.

The Navigator is also simplified and page entries for work areas such as Sandboxes, Migration, Appearance, Structure, User Interface Text, Business Objects, Application Composer, and Page Integration are moved from the Tools group to a new group called Configuration. Page entries for standalone work areas, such as Getting Started, Social, My Dashboard, Marketplace, and Setup and Maintenance, are part of a new Others group.

Your Current Infolet View is Set as Your Default View for the Next Session

Previously, you could only see the front view of infolets as the default view. Now, you can enjoy the flexibility of getting your current infolet view by default the next time you sign back and navigate to your infolet.