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Update 19C

Revision History

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Oracle Customer Experience Cloud for Consumer Goods provides a comprehensive solution for managing retail execution and trade promotion processes. The retail execution management solution enables sales administrators and managers to set up and manage the product catalog, assortments, price books, routes, store visit appointments, store visit tasks, and other data required for retail execution processes. The consumer goods mobile application enables sales representatives to complete merchandising and direct store delivery tasks in the offline mode. With the trade promotion management solution, marketing and account managers can set up trade budgets and funds, create trade promotions, measure promotion performance, and settle claims and deductions.


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Consumer Goods

CG Enhancement Pack

Here are the enhancements that you can make use of:

  • Web Application: Enhanced server administration for objects such as Price Books, Survey Templates, Promotion Programs, and Contract Templates.
  • Mobile Application: Improved mobile capabilities such as managing account KPIs, creating new accounts and adding call tasks, and managing multiple units of measure during ordering within the disconnected mobile application. 

These enhancements help you to streamline data management and enhance execution capabilities for sales representatives.

Enable Task of Specific Survey for Any Object

As a sales administrator, you can now create a survey for any object and activate the survey template. Based on the survey configuration, your sales representative can complete the survey during the store visit.

Perform the following survey tasks:

  • Assign a survey template to a defined task in any object.
  • Publish the parent object task to one or more accounts.
  • Drive survey task completion during store visits and field operations.
  • Leverage this capability in business planning and new product introduction.