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  1. Update 19D
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        1. Task Scheduling by Store Visit Type
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Update 19D

Revision History

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Date Feature Notes
10 SEP 2019 Created initial document.


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Consumer Goods

Task Scheduling by Store Visit Type

Manage task delegation more effectively by assigning visit types to the planned tasks, assigning visits of specific types to the appropriate routes to complete these distinct responsibilities, and then having the application match the tasks to relevant planned visits based on the visit type assigned. For example, merchandisers are assigned with merchandising tasks and delivery representatives to deliver the products.

Using this task scheduling framework, you can assign different resources to do different tasks for the same account. Here's how you can use the task scheduling:

  • Schedule all account-level tasks as store visit appointments. 
  • Assign different resources to complete a different set of tasks.

Based on your appointments, sales representatives and field staff, you will complete the tasks scheduled as part of store visit. 

Contract Incremental Enhancements

Your contracts management becomes more efficient with the following new capabilities:

  • Enable partial accrual of contract benefits where partial compliance is to be rewarded.
  • Create settlement records automatically for the benefits provided in the form of off-invoice discounts.
  • Capture a contract snapshot at critical points in contract negotiation and approval.

Consumer Goods Mobile Enhancements

Use the following enhancements for Consumer Goods mobile application:

  • Productivity Enhancements: Enable 2D and 3D barcode scanning using the mobile camera and transfer inventory quantities between reps with mobile verification.
  • Usability Enhancements: Bypass route settlement process for selected Routes.
  • Developer Tool Enhancements: Manage product audit images and attachments and fixed choice lists for mobile implementation.

These enhancements provide more streamlined and flexible execution capabilities for sales representatives.

Merchandising Materials Management

As a sales administrator or marketing manager, you can now manage merchandising materials (set of no-cost materials, for example, Point of Sale materials). As sales representatives, you can distribute the allocated material for brand promotion and sales incentives.

Using this feature, you can:

  • Allocate the material to sales representatives and routes for further distribution. 
  • Promote sales and incentivize the loyal customers.

You can create a new order type for mobile to facilitate the disbursement of these materials, while automatically generating a zero-dollar invoice and proof of delivery.