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August Maintenance Pack for 22C

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Module Feature Notes
28 OCT 2022 Dynamic Skills Dynamic Skills

Updated document. Revised feature information.

29 JUL 2022     Created initial document.


HCM Cloud applications have two types of patches you can receive that are documented in this What’s New:

  • Release Updates (22A, 22B, 22C, and 22D)
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance Packs to each update

It is important for you to know what Release Update your environment is on. You can find this in your Cloud Portal.



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Suggested Reading for all HCM Products:

  • Human Resources What’s New – In the Global Human Resources section you will find features on the base application in which other application are built upon. 

NOTE: Not all Global Human Resource features are available for Talent and Compensation products.

  • Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Functional Known Issues and Maintenance Packs (Document ID 1554838.1). These documents identify bug fixes and possible known issues. You will also need to review these documents based in the release update version you are currently on or will be moving to.
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  • Release Readiness – New Feature Summary, What’s New, Feature Listing Spreadsheet, Spotlights and Release Training


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Feature Summary

Column Definitions:

Report = New or modified, Oracle-delivered, ready to run reports.

UI or Process-Based: Small Scale = These UI or process-based features are typically comprised of minor field, validation, or program changes. Therefore, the potential impact to users is minimal.

UI or Process-Based: Larger Scale* = These UI or process-based features have more complex designs. Therefore, the potential impact to users is higher.

Features Delivered Disabled = Action is needed BEFORE these features can be used by END USERS. These features are delivered disabled and you choose if and when to enable them. For example, a) new or expanded BI subject areas need to first be incorporated into reports, b) Integration is required to utilize new web services, or c) features must be assigned to user roles before they can be accessed.

Ready for Use by End Users
(Feature Delivered Enabled)

Reports plus Small Scale UI or Process-Based new features will have minimal user impact after an update. Therefore, customer acceptance testing should focus on the Larger Scale UI or Process-Based* new features.

Customer Must Take Action before Use by End Users
(Feature Delivered Disabled)

Not disruptive as action is required to make these features ready to use. As you selectively choose to leverage, you set your test and roll out timing.



UI or
Small Scale

UI or
Larger Scale*

Dynamic Skills

Dynamic Skills

Dynamic Skills

Dynamic Skills

Dynamic Skills

Oracle Dynamic Skills enables organizations to better understand and grow their talent with an always-current well-defined and tailored skills data set. The solution makes use of your organizational data to automatically identify, infer, and recommend skills for people, jobs and other skills related resources. With Dynamic Skills you have a continuously updated view into the ever-evolving skills to effectively connect people to opportunities and to plan and execute against your current and future business agility and success needs.  Oracle Dynamic Skills is a separately sold product.

Dynamic Skills

Enable employees to align with business and career development needs through adaptive and continuous management of skills in the employee Skills Center, the manager Team Skills Center, and the use of Skills Advisor across Oracle HCM.

Employee Skills Center

You can:

  • Add skills to your profile or a coworker’s profile in the following ways:
    • Choose a skill from the system-generated suggestions.
    • Enter the skill name. As you start typing, system automatically starts suggesting the skills matching the text you entered. You can't enter duplicate skills in the profile.
  • Endorse a coworker for:
    • A new skill from the system-generated suggestions.
    • A skill on their profile whether it's an existing skill or a skill to develop.
  • Enable skill levels for Skills Center to indicate the proficiency for a skill.
  • Request an endorsement from your coworkers for any of the skills you already have. You can select endorsers from the system-generated suggestions for that skill.

Skills Center

Manager Team Skills Center

You can assign core skills to team members reporting to you at any levels of hierarchy for development and meeting the organizational objectives. This helps you to assess the progress and help in case there are any gaps. When adding a core skill:

  • You can leverage type-ahead suggestions presented to you by the system when you start typing in a skill.
  • You may pick a skill that's already a role skill, thereby creating your own skill criteria for your team.
  • You can optionally choose skill levels when assigning core skills, if skill levels are available in the system.
  • Your team’s skill achievement will be shown in relation to the core skill level requirement you have specified.

In addition to the core skills you can also view the role and other skills that your team already has or is developing. This could provide a valuable view into skills that are available in your organization for new product and organizational growth opportunities.

Team Skills Center

Skills Advisor for Candidates

When Skills Advisor for Candidates is set up, candidates can use the suggested skills for a specific job and their experience. It helps candidates to quickly select the relevant skills and add details.

Skills in the Candidate Experience

Skills Advisor for Job Requisitions

When Skills Advisor for Job Requisitions is set up, recruiters can add required skills for a job requisition using suggested skills, there by enhancing the richness of the job description.

Skills in a Job Requisition

Skills Advisor for Job Profiles

  • Suggests relevant skills that help create a targeted job specification.
  • Enables you to maintain the required skills for a job on an ongoing basis.

Job Profiles

Skills Advisor for Gigs

  • Provides AI recommendations for skills that are related to gig titles and descriptions, which you can then add as you create gigs.
  • Helps attract gig seekers who are interested in those relevant skills so that they can apply to a gig, grow their skill set, or further develop and attain skills they'd like to have.
  • Utilizes location and skills as part of a matching algorithm to recommend gigs for the employees through the Opportunity Marketplace dashboard.

Get Skill Recommendations

Dynamic Skills helps organizations continuously detect, manage, and grow the skills that fuel their talent supply chain, driving business agility, transformation, and growth.

Steps to Enable

For details on implementing Oracle AI Apps for HCM and Dynamic Skills, and setting up products using AI Apps and Dynamic Skills, refer to the Implementing Oracle AI Apps for HCM and Dynamic Skills technical brief available on My Oracle Support (Document ID 2826501.1).

Tips And Considerations

Oracle Dynamic Skills is a separately sold product.

To use Dynamic Skills, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • The HCM environment must NOT be on a government pod.
  • The HCM environment must NOT be on a EURA pod.
  • The HCM environment must NOT be a DRCC (Dedicated Region Cloud @Customer) environment.
  • The HCM environment must use English only for the operation language (no mixed language implementations).

For best results, it is strongly recommended to also meet these criteria:

  • The Core HR and Talent Management environment should be live in production for at least 12 months or have prior production data for Talent Profile of at least 12 months to benefit from high quality recommendations.
  • The Recruiting environment (if applicable) should be live in production for at least 6 months or have prior production data of at least 6 months to benefit from high quality recommendations.

Key Resources

For details on Skills Center and Skill Advisor features, refer to these technical briefs available on My Oracle Support.

  • Skills Center technical brief on My Oracle Support (Document ID 2882763.1)
  • Opportunity Marketplace for Gigs technical brief on My Oracle Support (Document ID 2834538.1).