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This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in Oracle Service Cloud Release December 2017 and describes any tasks you might need to perform for the update. Each section includes a brief description of the feature, the steps you need to take to enable to begin using the feature, any tips or considerations that you should keep in mind, and the resources available to help you.

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Security & New Features

We would like to remind you if your system has modified security structures you may need to advise your security administrator of new features.

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Multi-Edit Workspaces for Incidents

Multi-editing allows you to update more than one record in a single operation instead of performing the same action on each individual record. This feature saves time when you need to make the same change to several records. We now support multi-edit workspaces for the Agent Browser UI. This includes runtime support for Incident fields, controls and options configured using the Service Console Workspace Designer.


Knowing which products and services your customers are using helps you respond to their needs. For instance, an organization selling mobile phones can more quickly assist a customer if they know which model of phone the customer owns. Organizations can also proactively contact customers with information pertaining to the products they own.

Using Oracle Service Cloud, you can configure the assets you want to associate with your customers. The Agent Browser User Interface now supports OSvC Asset Management.

Additional Workspace Rules

Agent Browser User Interface now includes support for the following workspace rules:

Desktop Automation

Additional Desktop Workflow Support

Agent Browser User Interface now includes support for the following desktop workflow elements:

Agent Scripting

Agent Browser User Interface now includes support for Agent Scripting.

Agent scripts in Oracle Service Cloud add powerful functionality to workspaces and workflows, leading staff members through a series of pages to help them enter information in a logical progression.

Script pages can contain most fields and controls available to workspaces, with the exception of relationship items. They can also include questions and branching logic, similar to guides, so you can create wizards to guide staff members to different pages based on the information entered or actions taken on a previous page. Combining branching logic with page layout capabilities, agent scripting provides your staff with a methodical, efficient interface for capturing information and resolving issues.


Split Window Orientation for Report Linking

When a report link or report drill down is created, it is applied to a specific column in the parent report. When you click the link in the column, the linked report opens on a new tab, an existing tab, or on the same tab as the parent report in a split window, depending on how the report link or drill down level is configured. The Agent Browser User Interface now supports opening the linked report as a split window report linking with the top, bottom, left and right orientation within the same tab as the parent report. The following screen shot shows the report link using a right orientation.

Multicolor Series Display

Selecting the Multicolor Series in the report designer for specific chart types will allow you to show charts where each bar or line is a different color. When this option is not enabled, the bars in different series are shown using the same set of colors. Support for the Multicolor Series display was added to reports within BUI. The previous screen shot shows a multicolor series bar chart on a Browser UI site.

Minimizing and Maximizing Individual Reports on Dashboards

Dashboard users occasionally need to take a closer look at an individual report within a dashboard. Support was added to allow reports to be minimized/maximized to have a closer, larger look at a graph.

Formatting Chart Labels

Users can add formatting (Font family, color, size, bold, italics, and underlined) to chart titles and labels for charts being used within the Brower UI. The screen shot above shows the chart title using a specific font family, size, color, bold and italic


Broadcast Notifications

Staff members may be configured to to send notifications to other staff members. Agent Browser User Interface now supports the Broadcast Notification feature.


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