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What's Changed


03 FEB 2017

Initial Document Creation


This latest release of Oracle Field Service Cloud provides significant new features and capabilities across the solution in the areas of mobility, improved usability and seamless integrations.

The February release announces the release of new Field Resource Management and Routing capabilities. Included in this release, you will also find a new integration to Oracle Business as a Service Cloud creating a seamless way to maintain and manage data.

Oracle Field Service Cloud

Field Resource Manager Expansion

Updates to the Field Resource Manager feature will further extend the capabilities of field supervisors, taking another step toward completely optimized field service management without the need for centralized dispatch. Supervisors can add new resources directly from their mobile device without having to use Oracle Field Service Cloud Core Manage. Group management has also been improved providing a streamlined approach to managing groups and searching for resources.

Routing Enhancements

The February 2017 release includes several updates to Oracle Field Service Cloud’s Routing module. Immediate routing plans have been enhanced offering a new activity assignment option that will use Oracle Field Service Cloud Collaboration to automatically broadcast the activity to matching resources. Additional enhancements include new routing configuration parameters and how work can be assigned to contactor resources.

Unscheduled Activity Management Enhancements

With the February 2017 release, Oracle Field Service Cloud Mobility includes a new layer to manage unscheduled activities directly from the map. Activities will be visually presented on the map allowing users to identify clusters of work and easily distinguish activity urgency (urgent, normal and other less-important unscheduled activities). Users will be able to select and assign multiple nearby activities to their route in a simple and intuitive way.


This release introduces the concept of Organizations enabling new functionality in Oracle Field Service Cloud; specifically Contractor Routing. Organizations provide a way to classify different operating units, divisions and/or contractors working for the company. This classification occurs at the organizational unit, and bucket level where underlying resources, tools and vehicles inherit the parents’ organization.

Oracle Database as a Service Cloud Integration

The February 2017 release includes an integration with Oracle Database as a Service Cloud. This integration enables bulk data upload from Oracle Field Service Cloud directly into Oracle Database as a Service Cloud. With this integration, customers can have data automatically populated to an Oracle database in the cloud allowing for storage and data availability for more complex integrations.

Oracle Service Cloud Integration Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS)

The February 2017 release includes a reference integration with Oracle Service Cloud using Oracle Integration Cloud Service, giving Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud Service users a simple way to add on the advanced field service management capabilities of Oracle Field Service Cloud. Oracle Field Service Cloud will now be able to optimize and manage Oracle Service Cloud-created work orders and update inventory in Oracle Service Cloud. The integration leverages Oracle Integration Cloud Service adapters and includes complete sample code and documentation; however, all the code is open source, and can therefore be adjusted to meet a customer’s unique business processes.


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