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What's Changed


02 MAY 2016

Initial Document Creation


This guide outlines the information on the features and enhancements in this release of Oracle Service Cloud.

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Security & New Features

We would like to remind you if your system has modified security structures you may need to advise your security administrator of new features.

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Upgrade/Update Tasks

For information about upgrading from earlier versions, click the link for your specific upgrade path on the Upgrade Guides page.

Release Feature Summary

Some of the new Release 11 features are automatically available to users after the upgrade and some require action from the user, the company administrator, or Oracle.

The table below offers a quick view of the actions required to enable each of the Release 11 features.

Action Required to Enable Feature


Automatically Available

End User Action Required

Administrator Action Required

Oracle Service Request Required

Web Customer Service

Oracle Service Cloud Community Self Service


Cross Channel Contact Center


Agent Browser User Interface

Outreach and Feedback

Staff Management

Web Customer Service

Oracle Service Cloud Community Self Service

Connect PHP API

In the May 2016 release of Oracle Service Cloud, the new Crypto classes have been added to the Connect PHP API to support encryption and decryption, hashing, and base64 encoding and decoding.


Audit Report

A new Audit Report is available on the Co-browse Administrative Console to Co-browse administrators. This report includes a time stamp and explanation of any changes made to the siteID.

iFrame Support

To support co-browsing of content within iFrames, the Co-browse launcher .js script needs to be added to the iFrame page. If the iFrame content is served by a third party, that provider needs to add the Co-browse launcher .js script to the content.

Cross Channel Contact Center



Chat incidents have been added to the list of incident sources clustered by gap analysis that can be constrained by the GAP_SOURCE_FILTER configuration setting. When the fourth position in the configuration setting is set to 1 or turned on, chat incidents will be included in the gap analysis and will be displayed in the Information Gaps report.

Agent Browser User Interface

The May 2016 release of the Agent Browser User Interface (Agent Browser UI) includes the following enhancements.

Browser Extensibility

In the May 2016 release of Oracle Service Cloud, the following enhancements have been made to the Agent Browser UI Extensibility Framework:

Outreach and Feedback

Scalable Audience Calculation for Broadcast Mailings

When preparing a broadcast mailing, the audience generation step has been improved to mine audience members in chunks, as subsets, and then compiling the full list for the mailing’s send step. This ensures time-sensitive content can be sent with minimal impact to your site. The entire process happens behind the scenes, requiring no configuration, and applies to all broadcast mailings.

Staff Management

A new profile bit has been added to the Profile editor to set the .NET browser control to run in IE11 emulation mode rather than the default IE7 mode. Administrators select the Set Browser Controls to use IE11 emulation mode check box on the Other tab of the Profile editor to enable this function. The check box is not selected by default. When administrators select this option, a warning message appears stating that the feature should be tested before enabling it for production. In addition, browser controls in workspaces should have the Open popups in new browser control option set. Agents will need to log off and log in again for the registry key to be set.

If the Set Browser Controls to use IE11 emulation mode check box has been previously selected, but is cleared, a warning is shown stating that clearing the option will not change the setting for accounts who have already had this option set. Once set, the registry will need to be manually cleared.


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