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13 APR 2017

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This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in Oracle Social Cloud released in Q2 2017 and describes any tasks you might need to perform for the update. Each section includes a brief description of the feature, the steps you need to take to enable or begin using the feature, any tips or considerations that you should keep in mind, and the resources available to help you.

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Release Feature Summary

Some of the new features are automatically available to users after the upgrade and some may require action from the user, the company administrator, or Oracle.

The table below offers a quick view of the actions required to enable each of the features.

Action Required to Enable Feature


Automatically Available

End User Action Required

Administrator Action Required

Oracle Service Request Required

Integration with WeChat

Adding WeChat in Workflow&Automation (W&A)

Supporting WeChat in Engage

Supporting WeChat in Custom Analytics

Integration with Wechat

The integration with WeChat has been supported in the Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform. It allows users to directly interact with their followers on WeChat from Engage, and offers various metrics and engage KPIs for users.

Adding Wechat in W&A

WeChat is available to be added as a social property under Resources.

IMPORTANT: User needs to be an admin of a WeChat Public account to add WeChat in SRM

Five permanent administers and twenty temporary administers are allowed for one WeChat Public account.

The following screen capture illustrates the feature:

After users click the WeChat icon, they will see the WeChat authorization window. They can use their WeChat app on their mobile device to scan QR code to authorize the login.

The following screen capture illustrates the feature:

Supporting Wechat in Engage

WeChat is available in Engage as a channel that users can add to monitor and manage conversations with followers on WeChat.

Steps to Enable

User needs to add WeChat as a social property in W&A before using it in Engage.

Adding WeChat Channel

WeChat is shown as one of the channels that users can choose when they configure a content stream/column in Engage.

The following screen capture illustrates the feature in New Engage:

Engaging with Followers on Wechat

Users can monitor, assign and reply to inbound messages from WeChat followers. It shows to user remaining time to respond. Please note there is a 48-hour window before the capability to respond is disabled.

The following media formats are supported:

The following message level features are supported:

The following screen capture illustrates this feature in New Engage:

Supporting Wechat in Custom Analytics

SRM supports various metrics as well as engage KPIs for WeChat.

Steps to Enable

User needs to add WeChat as a social property in W&A before using it in Custom Analytics.

Single Metric Module

Users can access 19 different metrics for WeChat, including:

The following screen capture illustrates the feature:

Support for Engage KPIs

Users can also monitor main engage KPIs, including:


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