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What's Changed


24 JUN 2016

Initial Document Creation

Oracle Learn Cloud

Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service is a comprehensive solution for delivering, tracking, managing, and reporting on all types of formal and informal learning. Users have easy access to learning through a single platform for online, classroom, virtual, and on-the-job training, as well as assessments, blended learning, social learning and self-reported training. Organizations can design a truly tailored user experience with complete control over all aspects of the user interface.

Supervisor Roles

In 16B we will introduce Supervisor Roles to help Administrators manage ‘My Team’ permissions in a single place, reducing the administrator overhead of managing the permission on each supervisor.

The feature allows you to:


TBE/Learn User Sync (Learn REST API)

In 16B we will be further expanding our Suite with the delivery of a productized TBE (Taleo Business Edition) to Learn User Sync to manage creating and updating users in Learn.

With this integration you will be able to programmatically:


Search Widget

A new Search widget provides a powerful tool enabling learners to quickly find and take action on training events. The Search widget includes the functionality of the current LearnCenter Search dynamic object plus support for additional filtering options and training types. A single search prompt, with support for Boolean statements is complimented with an advance search with simplified Boolean entry. Major features of the search widget include:

Skills Widget

A new Skills widget displays a Learner's Assigned and Acquired skills with an option to drill down to a new Skills Details page. The Skills widget feature set includes:

My Tasks Widget Updates

The My Task widget has been updated with a new setup option along with an update to the Enrollment content display. Enhancements include:

Learning Plan Widget Updates

The Learning Plan widget has been updated with a new setup option. The ILT Session Detail page has also been updated with additional information. Enhancements include:

LearnCenter Course Player

With 16B the LearnCenter Course Player emerges from it’s BETA state and is now feature complete for SCORM 1.2 courses. The LearnCenter Course Player works exclusively with the Widgets and will support new HTML5, as well as legacy, content and deep linking to a course. The player will launch courses embedded (no pop-up’s) from the Learning Plan, Transcript, and My Task widgets as well as the new Search and Skills widgets. The LearnCenter Course Player uses “Responsive Design”, which we also used to develop the Widget feature. The term “Responsive Design” means that the player can easily scale to an appropriate size based on the viewing area of the device being used (PC monitor, laptop, tablet, or phone).

LearnCenter Course Player Enhancements include:

NOTE: The Standard Course Player will continue to function and be supported for the foreseeable future.

Launching the New Course from a mobile device

The new LearnCenter Course Player is part of the overall Learn mobile strategy and supports next generation HTML5 content with responsive design and plays from mobile devices so the user is not limited to their desktop and can complete training anywhere.

Launching the New Course Player

The new LearnCenter Course Player launches the SCORM 1.2 course from the Widget directly from List View to reduce mouse clicks for the user.

Click to launch the LearnCenter Course Player, the course details page will open automatically with the course on the first page of the player workflow.

The content opens as embedded within the Widget, similar to other modern Internet video services like YouTube™ with the ability to view in full page mode.

Configuration Options

You can activate the LearnCenter Course Player in a new LearnCenter Course Player section of the Course Options page.

Select Yes to make it active for the current LearnCenter, No to deactivate it (use the standard player), or Inherited to inherit the setting of the parent LearnCenter. By default, No is selected for all LearnCenters.


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