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12 SEP 2017

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This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this release.


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Oracle Taleo Cloud for Midsize (Taleo Business Edition)

We are announcing the general availability of the 17B2 release of the Oracle Taleo Cloud for Midsize (TBE) on October 20th, 2017. This release builds upon the Hiring Manager features on the Talent Center introduced in the last release, and provides additional email notification options for status changes for Perform and Onboard. A new method of building custom integrations between TBE and other applications is also now available.

Talent Center Enhancements

This release brings additional Hiring Manager features to the Talent Center, enhancing the features added in the last release. Hiring Managers can now approve offers in additional to the 17B1 functionality that enables users to view/approve requisitions and move candidates to the next step or reject candidates. This gives users the ability to complete basic hiring activities on the modern, mobile responsive Talent Center.

My Offer Approvals Widget

This widget displays any offers for which the user is listed as an approver or a proxy approver. Hiring Managers can now easily approve offers on the go from the mobile-friendly Talent Center using this widget.

This release also introduces a setting to force the offer approvals to be sequential, so when this setting is checked, the approvals will not appear in the My Offer Approvals widget until the user is the current approver or proxy for the current approver. This new setting applies to users logged into TBE Recruit as well.

My Approvals Widget

This widget displays both requisition and offer approvals in a single widget. This widget may be used in place of the two separate widgets, saving space on the Talent Center. Administrators are able to determine if the two separate widgets or the single widget would work better for their users. In this combined widget there are fewer fields that can be added to the list view since the fields must be common to both requisition and offer approvals.

Talent Center Login for Recruit-Only Users

For Recruit-only customers, this release includes functionality that allows users who do not have Employee records to log into the Talent Center directly. This enables a fully mobile experience for these users. The same login credentials can now be used for both TBE and the Talent Center.

Platform Enhancements

Goal and Packet Status Trigger Notifications

Customers can now set up email and system notifications triggers by the status of goals in the Perform module and activity packets in the Onboard module.

For Perform customers, any status change for an employee goal can now send an email notification to the employee, the employee’s manager or review manager, or a designated user.

For Onboard customers, a notification email can be sent automatically when the entire packet has been completed. This email can be sent to the employee, the employee’s manager, the packet owner, or a designated user.

These notifications can help to improve communication throughout your organization.

Sequential Offer Approvals

As mentioned previously in the My Offer Approvals widget section, a new setting has been added that that allows administrators to determine if offers approvals must happen in the sequence that is set in the requisition, or if approvers can approve in any order.

Automatic Creation/Linking of TBE Users to Employee Records

A new setting has been added to TBE that allows customers to have User records automatically created when an Employee record is created with the same basic information (Name, Username, email address). Additionally, if a User record already exists with the same email address as an Employee being saved in an ‘active’ status, this setting will auto-link the User and Employee records.

With this feature, new employees with have User records that can be used in the Recruiting application and be able to access the Recruiting features on the Talent Center.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Adapter

Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is an application that can be used to orchestrate integrations between other applications; connecting on-premise and/or cloud apps. This release introduces a native adapter for TBE in the ICS product, allowing customers to seamlessly build data connection between TBE and other applications. The easy to use visual interface of ICS allows integrations to be created and monitored simply, with a minimal number of clicks.

The TBE adapter in ICS will initially focus on building integrations using the Candidate, Requisition, Employee and Offer entities. Additional entities will be added to the adapter in future TBE releases.


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