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  1. Update 21A
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
  3. Feature Summary
    1. Career Center Enhancements
        1. Easy Apply Workflow
    2. Platform Enhancements
        1. New W-4 Form
        2. NetSuite Integration Enhancements
    3. Recruit Enhancements
        1. Taleo Candidate Search Setting
    4. Important Notes and Considerations

Update 21A

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Product Feature Notes
09 FEB 2021     Created initial document.


This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this update.

We are announcing the general availability of the 21A update of the Oracle Taleo Cloud for Midsize (TBE) on February 19, 2021. This is considered a minor update.

Feature Summary

Column Definitions:

Report = New or modified, Oracle-delivered, ready to run reports.

UI or Process-Based: Small Scale = These UI or process-based features are typically comprised of minor field, validation, or program changes. Therefore, the potential impact to users is minimal.

UI or Process-Based: Larger Scale* = These UI or process-based features have more complex designs. Therefore, the potential impact to users is higher.

Features Delivered Disabled = Action is needed BEFORE these features can be used by END USERS. These features are delivered disabled and you choose if and when to enable them. For example, a) new or expanded BI subject areas need to first be incorporated into reports, b) Integration is required to utilize new web services, or c) features must be assigned to user roles before they can be accessed.

Ready for Use by End Users
(Feature Delivered Enabled)

Reports plus Small Scale UI or Process-Based new features will have minimal user impact after an update. Therefore, customer acceptance testing should focus on the Larger Scale UI or Process-Based* new features.

Customer Must Take Action before Use by End Users
(Feature Delivered Disabled)

Not disruptive as action is required to make these features ready to use. As you selectively choose to leverage, you set your test and roll out timing.



UI or
Small Scale

UI or
Larger Scale*

Career Center Enhancements

Easy Apply Workflow

Platform Enhancements

New W-4 Form

NetSuite Integration Enhancements

Recruit Enhancements

Taleo Candidate Search Setting

Important Notes and Considerations

Career Center Enhancements

Easy Apply Workflow

This update introduces "Easy Apply Workflow", an alternate application workflow for the Career Center. This new workflow consists of (1) the registration page, (2) a shorter candidate information page, and (3) the review and submit page (which can now be hidden). The other standard pages can easily be enabled if desired. As with the standard workflow, customers can easily add both standard and custom fields to the application.

Leveraging this workflow will simplify the candidate application process, while reducing candidate drop-offs.

Steps to Enable

The workflow appears under the Application Workflow already present in your system. You will want to take a look at the application page and see if any fields must be added or removed before deciding to use this application for specific jobs.

  1. Select Administration, then select Customize Recruit.
  2. In the Customize Pages section, click Career Center Pages.
  3. Notice the new Easy Apply Workflow in the list. Click Edit on the Action menu on the right.

  1. The workflow is the container for each part of the application. You will notice that the only components that are enabled by default are the Registration page, the Candidate Information page (which also contains a new shorter component), and the Review and Submit page. You can enable one of the other components if needed by clicking the Unhide link on the right.
  2. Click Save to return to the list of components.
  3. Scroll to the list of Application Components and click Edit to the right of the Candidate Information Easy Apply. This is a new component similar to the Candidate Information component, but with fewer fields. If you want to add or remove any fields from this page, click Edit for the section heading of Contact Information or Candidate Source.
  4. Move the field from the Available side to the Added side to add a field. Move a field from the Added side to the Available side to remove it from the application.
  5. Click Submit to return to the previous page.
  6. Optionally, you can click the Hide link on the page where all the fields are listed.
  7. Click Save when you are done.

It is recommended that you run through a test application at this point. Edit a requisition, and choose the Easy Apply Workflow in the posters section. Apply for this requisition and ensure that the application has all your desired fields. If you would like to make the application even shorter, you can hide the Review and Submit page in this workflow only, or any versions that you create from this Easy Apply Workflow. Please understand that the Submit button will be at the bottom of the Candidate Information page, and there will be no place to add the candidate esignature and esignature date fields.

To enable this workflow as default:

  1. Select Administration, then select Customize Recruit.
  2. Scroll down to the Manager Career Centers section and click Edit Settings for the desired Career Center.
  3. Scroll down to the Application Workflow section, and select the Easy Apply Workflow from the Application Workflow drop-down menu.

  1. Click Save.

New requisitions will default to this workflow for this Career Center. However, existing requisitions that are currently posted with a specific application workflow will continue to use that workflow. You must edit the requisition, select the Easy Apply Workflow from the list for a given Career Center, and save the requisition to change the application.

Tips And Considerations

You can use the Easy Apply Workflow with the other features such as notification and consent or the guest login.

If you decide to use the Easy Apply Workflow as your main application, you may want to edit the My Info navigation page and hide the fields that are no longer exposed on your application form.

As with the default Application Workflow, you can create versions of both the workflow and any of the components in the workflow from the Action menu. This feature will allow you to create a different Education and Employment History page, for example, and include this page in your Easy Apply Workflow if desired.

Platform Enhancements

New W-4 Form

The default W-4 form now contains the 2021 version published by the IRS. Any onboarding activity templates, as well as any new or in-progress activities referencing this default W-4 form, will automatically include the new form. Completed activities are not affected.

Using the default form, customers do not need to take any action to take advantage of the standard binding of the fields and automatic assignment to activities using this form. Customers are welcome to upload their own version to bind additional fields, if desired.

Steps to Enable

You don't need to do anything to enable this feature.

NetSuite Integration Enhancements

The TBE-NetSuite integration bundle in SuiteApp supports the synchronization of the following candidate and employee fields: Employment Type (for example, Full-Time, Part-Time, Seasonal, Consultant), and Education History (Degree or Certificate, Degree Achieved, Date Conferred).

Oracle NetSuite Core HR customers benefit from additional candidate/employee fields that can be automatically synchronized from TBE, throughout the employee's journey with the organization.

Steps to Enable

Please refer to the NetSuite Integration guide for more details on configuring the mapping of these fields.

Recruit Enhancements

Taleo Candidate Search Setting

This new role-level setting determines whether a user, when sourcing and viewing candidates in Taleo Candidate Search, can also see all associated requisitions, including those of which they are not an owner. When viewing a candidate after searching, the Requisitions table displays the requisitions to which the candidate is associated.

By default, the Taleo Candidate Search candidate profile displays only those requisitions for which the current user is an owner but the new setting allows you to change this option so that your hiring managers and recruiters can see all requisitions.

Steps to Enable

The following steps allow your users to see all the requisitions applied for by the candidate.

  1. Select Roles from the Users menu.
  2. Select Assign Access Control for the User Role you wish to change.
  3. Scroll down to the Candidate Sourcing section.
  4. Check the option Display Requisitions of other owners as part of Candidate Profile.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Repeat for other roles as needed.

Important Notes and Considerations

Google Integrations

TBE has two features that request Google API access tokens before being authorized to use Google's cloud resources: One is Google Drive access to upload files from within Career Center and Talent Center, and the other one is Corporate Gmail calendar interview availability lookup.

Over time, the authorization setups in Google Projects to ensure both features work seamlessly have dramatically diverged on Google’s end, to the point that the current setup in TBE can no longer receive the needed authorizations. While Oracle pursued with Google technical integration support to request technical assistance, a resolution could not be reached.

Candidates attempting to upload a resume from their Google Drive account now receive a cryptic error message. The interview lookup feature simple doesn’t work.

Given that candidates would not likely report these errors, and instead give up or seek alternate methods to complete the task at hand, it is recommended that you disable both features if they are enabled. Furthermore, the admin sections to set up and enable both features will be permanently removed in an upcoming release.

To disable Google Drive, uncheck the Allow document upload from Google Drive option on the Systems & Email Settings page.

To disable the Corporate Gmail lookup feature, select 'None' from the Schedule lookup type field on the System & Email Settings page.

Please refer to the online Help document for more details on either of these features.

CKEditor Functions

TBE has recently updated the version of the CKEditor used in several places throughout the product, most notably when editing job descriptions. Please note that the current version of the CKEditor contains three paste buttons, but most browsers do not support these buttons. When you attempt to use them, you see a message that your browser doesn't support the button and provides a keyboard shortcut instead. The only browser which supports the paste buttons is Internet Explorer. This issue is not specific to Taleo Business Edition.

Requisition URL format change

The format of the URL has changed slightly in this update for requisitions when using the "Send To" feature to send a requisition view link to another user. Because of this change, any link sent before the release will give the message "Unable to Complete Request" when clicking on the email link after the release.You will need to resend the link using the "Send To" feature again.

The same error will appear for requisition approvals sent before the release that were not yet approved, but only if you are using the system template called "Requisition Request for Approval." If you are using the template called "Requisition Request for Approval Over Email." which is the more commonly used template, the approval link will continue to work. Requisition approvers can locate the requisitions needing their approval on the "My View" or "My Dashboard" pages and easily approve or reject from here.