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21 FEB 2017

Initial Document Creation

Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud, March Update

This document outlines the announcements and fixed issues in the upcoming Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud update.


We would like to inform you of the upcoming monthly update for your Oracle Cloud environments. We will apply the latest updates to your test environment on Friday, March 3, 2017 and to your production environment on Friday, March 17, 2017. The update will be applied during your normal daily maintenance window.

Data Management

Starting with this release, you can use Data Management to integrate file-based data from an external system or cloud based application into an Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud (EPM) target application. You can also drill through from an Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud application, back to any system that provides an externally available URL.

See the Oracle® Cloud Administering Data Management for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud guide on the Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Help Center.

Tax Reporting Compatability in the REST API Guide

Compatibility with EPM Cloud REST APIs is published for Tax Reporting Cloud. See the Oracle® Cloud REST API for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud guide available on the Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Help Center.

Currency Dimension

You must create members in the Currency dimension for each currency required in your application. Up to 100 currencies are now supported.

Fixed Assets Schedule for IFRS Reporting

The Fixed Assets Form compares the current and prior year and equity movements in the book and tax basis of assets, including property, plant and equipment, in accordance with the balance sheet approach.

See “Fixed Assets Schedule” in the Oracle Cloud Working with Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud guide.

Available Translations

The available languages for the Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud user interface and the Working with Oracle Smart View for Office guide are listed in the “Using Translations” section in the Oracle Cloud Getting Started with Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud guide.

Account Member Property Exchange Rate Can Be Customized

Users can now change the Exchange Rate property on a pre-seeded shared member, such as FCCS_Common Stock.   Previously, the Exchange Rate property was read-only for pre-seeded members.

Activity Report Now Includes Smart View Version Information

The Application Activity Report, which presents information on application usage, has been enhanced to include information on the versions of Oracle Smart View that are used to access the application. The report lists Oracle Smart View versions older than as Unknown Version. This enhancement allows users, especially Service Administers, to ensure that they are using the newest version of Oracle Smart View which incorporates new features and bug fixes.

Financial Reporting Studio Desktop Client

Financial Reporting Web Studio, a component available in the service since March 2016, will be established as the only tool for designing and building reports. As a result, Financial Reporting Studio desktop client support will be fully transitioned to Financial Reporting Web Studio, tentatively starting in May 2017. With the May 2017 update, Financial Reporting Studio desktop client will no longer be distributed.

As of the December 2016 update, Financial Reporting Web Studio has achieved parity with most of the functional capabilities available in Financial Reporting Studio desktop client. You will be able to create new reports and modify existing reports using Financial Reporting Web Studio.

Oracle recommends that you transition to using Financial Reporting Web Studio at the earliest opportunity. Send questions and concerns to Oracle using the Provide Feedback option in the service.


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