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  1. Jul 2021 Update
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
    1. Connectors
        1. Oracle Object Storage Inbound Connector
    2. CX Activations
        1. Description for Group of Conditions
    3. Data Management
        1. Encryption for Data Exports to Secure FTP Servers
        2. Lookup for Attributes
        3. Near Real-Time Ingestion API
        4. Publishing Full Tenant from UI

Jul 2021 Update

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Product Feature Notes
26 JUL 2021     Created initial document.


This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this update.


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Oracle Object Storage Inbound Connector

You can leverage the cloud native Oracle Object Storage to ingest data into Unity.

CX Activations

Description for Group of Conditions

You can now enter a description for a group of conditions on the Segmentation canvas. 

Data Management

Encryption for Data Exports to Secure FTP Servers

When configuring destinations, you have the option of encrypting CSV files that are exported to Secure FTP servers.

Lookup for Attributes

You can easily enable and disable Lookup from the Data model page. For attributes with lookup enabled, you can select values from the drop-down list instead of having to enter values manually. You can leverage this feature for attribute values in the Data viewer and on the Segmentation canvas.

Near Real-Time Ingestion API

The new Near Real-Time Ingestion API allows you to send data from your source system to the Unity data model by streaming in data directly into data warehouse objects. After importing data with this API, you don't need to run the data warehouse job to access the data.

Publishing Full Tenant from UI

You can now perform a full publish for the Unity tenant directly from the Unity user interface.