amx:commandLink, amx:goLink

There are two versions of Link components that can be embedded within a page:

This component is commonly used on tablets and phones.


Appearance characteristics for this component.

Both Command Links and Go Links have the same visual appearance. There is different styling for links when placed inside a Form than when place in on the background content area (i.e. outside the Form).

Inside Form

Outside Form

On Component


Common behaviors for this component.


Usage guidelines for this component.


AMX sample code for this component.

The following is a sample code for a commandLink:

<amx:commandLink id="cl1" text="linked" action="gotolink" actionListener="#{myBean.doSomething}"/>

The following is a sample code for a goLink:

<amx:goLink id="goLink1" text="Go Link" url=""/>


Fig 1. iOS Links


Fig 2. Android Links