Device Gesture

The Device Gesture pattern describes how a user holds their device in relationship to something else in their environment. For example pointing the camera at an object to take a photo. Users can position their devices to achieve a particular action. Basic device gestures are described below.

Behavior & Usage

The following are common behaviors and usage guidelines for certain device orientation gestures. These may not all be supported in all frameworks.

Rotate Device

The user holds the device in a particular orientation. This usually involves switching between landscape and portrait orientations. This is a very common device gesture. 


Position Device

The user positions the device a certain way in relation to something in the environment. It is similar to rotating a device for orientation, but usually involves pointing a part of the device at a particular object. 


Shake Device

The user shakes the device. 


Bump Device

The user touches or bumps their devices to share information. Similar to pointing a device at another object or device, using Near Field Communications to share information. 


Move Device

This is general purpose gesture(s) allowing the user to move their device to support an action. 



Fig 1. Rotate Device



Fig 2. Position Device



Fig 3. Shake Device



Fig 4. Bump Device



Fig 5. Move Device