What is Oracle Data Cloud?

Oracle Advertising provides award-winning solutions

Protect your ad spend, reach your ideal buyers and prospects, and ensure you measure the metrics that matter to quantify the impact of your online advertising campaigns.

Data Cloud is now Oracle Advertising

Oracle Data Cloud began with the drive to make advertising more effective by putting data, measurement capabilities, and powerful contextual intelligence to work. From the beginning, Oracle Data Cloud brought digital marketing into the future by leveraging the technologies of BlueKai Data Management Platform; Grapeshot, the pioneer in privacy-friendly contextual targeting and brand safety solutions; Moat, the award-winning attention measurement platform; Datalogix, which closed the loop connecting offline purchase signals to digital platforms for audience targeting and campaign measurement; AddThis, a leader in global audience segment quality, scale, and insight; and Crosswise, experts at refining omnichannel connections.

Today there is a greater focus on experiences and digital content, forcing adtech and martech to converge. To lead this convergence, Oracle brought together Oracle Data Cloud and Oracle Cloud CX into one organization: Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX). With marketing and advertising together, marketers can optimize their advertising investments and create seamless, personalized customer experiences across the entire customer journey.

Advertising activation

Activate advertising audiences

Oracle Audiences empower you to engage your most relevant audiences, and maximize campaign efficiency, eliminate wasted spend, and achieve better business outcomes.

Marketing Activation

Leverage your CRM data

Oracle OnRamp takes your offline first-party data assets online so you can plan and budget appropriately, whether engaging active customers and prospects, reactivating lapsed customers, or reducing spend on existing customers.

Understand data and the advertising environment

Protect your brand

Oracle Contextual Intelligence helps advertisers and publishers understand the underlying meaning of the environment where ads are served. This mitigates brand safety risks and identifies content that represent opportunities to make your message more impactful without relying on personal identifiers.

Insights to Plan

Oracle Data Management Platform (formerly Bluekai) unlocks data-driven, customer-first advertising possibilities for quicker acquisition of higher-value customers while achieving greater ad-spend efficiencies. Personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer data sets about relevant audiences with both scale and accuracy.

Advertising measurement

Measure to make decisions

Oracle Moat is a comprehensive analytics and measurement platform that provides a suite of solutions across ad verification, attention analytics, cross-platform reach and frequency, ROI outcomes, and marketing and ad intelligence. Moat helps reach prospective customers, capture consumer attention, and measure the outcomes to unlock business potential.

  • Moat Analytics helps you verify your ads are valid, viewable, and brand safe, and provides advanced media attention metrics across platforms and devices
  • Moat Reach provides deduplicated reach and frequency by audience across TV and digital to improve efficiency
  • Moat Outcomes delivers ROI outcomes with turnkey campaign sales lift measurement
Marketing Measurement

Understand how data cloud has become Oracle Advertising Cloud