Implement Flexible Pricing to Maximize Profit

Oracle Advanced Pricing uses a logical and flexible framework to handle complex and tailored pricing scenarios. It enables organizations to segment the price creation process into three basic elements: defining pricing rules, assigning rules to create specific pricing actions, and designating pricing controls.

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Key Features

  • Provide Pricing Controls
    Deploy effectivity dates, incompatibility and exclusivity rules, event and phase processing, and pricing buckets.
  • Gain Highly Flexible Architecture
    Create qualifier attributes sourced from a non-Oracle table or a value in a flexfield without custom coding.
  • Manage Promotion Pricing
    Support invoice promotional discounts, deferred accrued discounts, cross-order discounts, free goods, item upgrades, and special freight and prompt payment options.
  • Integrate with CRM Systems
    Accurately apply pricing to incoming orders with full integration with other Oracle Order Management as well as Oracle CRM applications.