Improve Visibility and Agility with Centralized Payments

Oracle Payments is a complete payment and receipt processing solution that enables efficient, reliable and secure financial transactions. It is the central payment engine for Oracle E-Business Suite that lowers costs and improves control by integrating out-of-the-box with major processors and financial institutions.

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Key Features

  • Improve Visibility and Agility with Centralized Payments
    Oracle Payments centralized payment processing capabilities across multiple organizations, currencies and regions delivers greater efficiency and offers real-time visibility into cash inflows and outflows leading to better working capital management.
  • Maintain Complete Control Over Payment Data and Instruments
    Oracle Payments serves as a payment data repository which securely stores all payment information and instruments.
  • Reduce Costs with Streamlined Processes
    Oracle Payments offers end-to-end electronic payment processing that includes validation, aggregation, formatting and secure transmission of payments to financial institutions and payment systems.
  • Implement a Payment Model to meet your Business Needs
    Oracle Payments can be flexibly configured to support a variety of payment models. It can work in a completely decentralized mode where it is part of accounts payable or collection administration within each business unit. Alternatively, Oracle Payments can be configured to efficiently support the shared service center model.