Oracle HCM Solution—HR Optimisation

Global Human Resources

Gain operational excellence and increase agility with a single global instance that aligns common HR processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across multiple countries.

HR optimisation

  • Plan, model and deliver organisational changes such as re-organisations or other mass workforce changes using an intuitive workforce-modeling solution.

  • Manage reorganizations effectively by leveraging real-time workforce data and business intelligence by preparing, modeling, and assessing their impacts.

  • Predict individual and team performance and attrition using a predictive 9-box.

  • Improve performance and reduce attrition through Modeling.


Make Better Talent Decisions

  • Better predict the performance of individuals and teams
  • Take action to retain flight-risk high performers before it is too late
  • Take corrective action through “what if” modeling to avoid attrition
  • Support complex organizational movements with an easy-to-use tool and approval framework
  • Prepare, model, and assess the impacts of organizational changes
Customer Success Stories
Elizabeth Arden Transforms HR

Elizabeth Arden is transforming its human resources processes globally using modern HR, modeling and mobile capabilities. (5:19)

Customer Success Stories
Companies Improve Employee Experience

Herbalife, Elizabeth Arden, KOJ, Newfield Exploration, Masdar and American Career College explain how they better manage their workforce using modern HCM solutions. (3:32)

Customer Success Stories
Firms Leverage Their Current Investment

Chiro One, Herbalife, Sako, Newfield Exploration, Masdar, CUBIS, KOJ and American Career College seamlessly integrate Oracle HCM Cloud applications. (3:24)

Customer Success Stories
Masdar’s Gets Insight into Every Department

Masdar successfully manages its global and diverse workforce with a unified, mobile and global HCM solution. (4:12)

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