Oracle HCM Solution—Social


Build a modern, social, and engaged workforce by enabling employees to easily build relationships, cross-collaborate, learn, share knowledge, and improve productivity through socially embedded HCM processes in the cloud.


  • Leverage social capabilities between teams and across the organization to get the support you need to get work done.

  • View individual employee social profiles.

  • Share your knowledge through real-time conversations.

  • Streamline business objectives and productivity through networking and collaboration.


Fuel Employee Collaboration and Engagement

  • Build teams, enable conversations, give kudos, and fuel collaboration
  • Enable real-time feedback, social learning, and instant knowledge-sharing
  • Find and attract the best talent through innovative social sourcing tools
  • Build an agile workforce that is more engaged, productive, and innovative
Customer Success Stories
Social Collaboration in the Cloud
Social Collaboration

See how to leverage social capabilities between teams and across the organization to get the support you need to get work done.

Customer Success Stories
Enabling Social Business Processes
Social Engagement

Understand how social technologies drive practical engagement, collaboration, and productivity across different HCM business processes.

Customer Success Stories
Surf City Socially Sources Talent
Customer Story

Hear the story of Surf City, a retailer, who sources potential candidates by promoting jobs to their fans and followers.

Customer Success Stories
Social HCM in the Cloud
The introduction of social applications into business processes has made it possible to accelerate work and increase productivity. Social HCM and talent applications will offer new levels of engagement that can help enterprises push the productivity equation.
— Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research

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