Oracle HCM Solution—Performance Management

Talent Management

Easily source, recruit, develop, and retain your top talent with an engaging, social, and data-rich talent management software suite.

Performance Management

  • Align employee goals with business objectives.

  • View and update your goals on the go in a tablet or on your smartphone.

  • View your most recent performance rating and manager comments, and easily access performance history.

  • Track the performance and progress of your entire organization so you know where to take action.

Evaluate Effectively

  • Know your top performers and where to take action to manage your business
  • Provide valuable insight to business leaders for monitoring employee performance and alignment to strategic organizational goals
  • Leverage a flexible solution that supports different processes depending on unique needs
  • Foster the ability to provide appropriate pay for performance with an integrated compensation solution
Customer Success Stories
KOJ Develops Talent to Support Growth

Oracle HCM Cloud enables KOJ to identify and foster talent throughout the organization. (2:51)

Customer Success Stories
Managing and Retaining Your Key Talent

See how Oracle HCM Cloud enables employees to easily understand individual goals and performance, and drives development plans during performance reviews. (2:36)

Customer Success Stories
Newfield Exploration Connects Individual Goals to Strategy

Newfield Exploration ties employees' goals to strategic initiatives, and has benefitted from improved focus, better communication, and increased productivity. (5:45)

Customer Success Stories
American Career College Improves Talent Reviews

American Career College is using Oracle HCM Cloud to capture, nurture, and propel the human workforce in the organization. (6:00)

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