AI Solution

Content Recommendation with Generative AI and Vector Store in HeatWave MySQL


Large language models (LLMs) have proven to be valuable across a variety of real-world uses cases. However, enterprises face unique challenges and need to adopt generative AI that is engineered for the enterprise.

MySQL HeatWave, with generative AI and vector store capabilities (currently in private preview), enables you to easily take advantage of AI. You can build apps that leverage the power of LLMs to interact with MySQL HeatWave in natural language. What’s more, LLMs will be able to search your proprietary enterprise documents in various file formats to provide users with answers that are more accurate and contextually relevant than from out-of-the-box models.

A content recommendation system providing answers that are both relevant and precise can improve business efficiency. It helps speed the process for creating proposals or contracts, for example, by providing analysts with more nuanced data. It can also help a sales representative develop content to help source and progress a deal.

The example below demonstrates how MySQL HeatWave’s generative AI and vector store capabilities can be leveraged with your proprietary enterprise data to provide answers that are more precise and, therefore, more useful.


Demo: Support for Generative AI and Vector Store with MySQL HeatWave (5:03)