OCI Cache Features

Fully managed open source


Provisioning, scaling, and patching of your OCI Cache cluster are managed for you, allowing you to focus more on developing your applications rather than infrastructure management. OCI Cache is compatible with the same Redis API you are already using, ensuring a seamless integration and continuation of your existing operations.

Open source

Stay portable and continue to modernize with OCI Cache. You benefit from a fully open source Redis release, ensuring that you continue to leverage the strong community backing and ongoing innovations associated with open source–driven technologies.

Improved application performance

Lightning-fast response times

Achieve high performance and low latency with OCI Cache. Your applications will experience submillisecond, lightning-fast response times when accessing data, significantly enhancing responsiveness and user satisfaction.

Flexible memory

Enjoy full flexibility over your memory allocation with OCI Cache, allowing you to select the configuration that best meets the needs of your application. Options range from a small 2 GB cluster on a single node to a large 500 GB cluster with up to five nodes.


Scale on the fly

Scaling with OCI Cache is straightforward and responsive to the needs of your application. Add or remove nodes from your cluster as required to adapt dynamically to changing demands.

Go big when your workloads go big

Expand your OCI Cache cluster as your caching needs grow. Scale up to five nodes and 500 GB per node to support even your most demanding workloads. The larger your configuration, the more bandwidth and processing power you have at your disposal.

Resistant to disasters

Automated high availability

Your data in OCI Cache is automatically replicated across multiple nodes for redundancy, enhancing data reliability. Oracle automatically distributes your cluster nodes across availability domains and fault domains, bolstering your application's resilience to disruptions.


In the event of a node failure within a multi-node configuration, OCI Cache automatically handles failover to a replica, ensuring minimal disruption. The system automatically promotes your replica and updates the DNS to point to the new primary node, maintaining continuous availability and performance.