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With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), we doubled performance and significantly lowered costs.

Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect, shares the key benefits of our cloud infrastructure (5:38)

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Moving our own business to Oracle’s next generation infrastructure gave us twice the performance of our on-premise environment. We deploy products and resources faster, leverage complete elasticity, and gained a platform that allowed us to transform and power every dimension of our business. Let us share what we learned moving our global enterprise to the cloud.

Products used: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Autonomous Warehouse, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle APEX, Oracle Autonomous Linux, Oracle Java, Oracle GraalVM, Oracle Visual Builder, Oracle Kubernetes Engine, Exadata Cloud Service

Oracle runs its business on our next generation infrastructure

Like many organizations, Oracle used an array of on-premises product architectures, customer delivery models, and platform components. This slowed innovation, made upgrade and adoption cycles longer, and created unnecessary technological constraints. As part of the Oracle@Oracle transformation, we streamlined our infrastructure, implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) , and increasing the pace we can innovate, deliver solutions, and serve our customers.

We took advantage of Autonomous technology

Oracle relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s autonomous management, maintenance, system tuning and security patching. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers a holistic solution that can meet the needs of our global enterprise. We utilize Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s autonomous management, maintenance, system tuning and security patching. With OCI, we have realized higher security, better performance, and cost savings.

Oracle itself is fully embracing our Gen 2 cloud infrastructure for our own business requirements. We are running critical business functions across the company on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. And we are reaping the benefits of lower cost, greater reliability, and better security.

Edward Screven Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle Corporation

Oracle runs all Oracle applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We developed a unique framework to migrate all of our applications (SaaS, EBS, NetSuite, Industry Applications, and Corporate Applications and others) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.



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Establish the vision and align on the strategy with key stakeholders.


Prepare and train the organization for change, design and re-platform for the new environment.


Develop and migrate workloads to OCI and close down legacy data centers.


Perform final cutover, post go-live activities and continuous optimization.

Oracle Applications run on OCI

  • Oracle Fusion Applications – Oracle is running several customer workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and in the process of migrating its own instances of Oracle Fusion Cloud applications, including ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, and CX.
  • Oracle Industry Applications – Each of Oracle’s industry applications addresses a vertical-specific and mission-critical function, ranging from restaurant operations to the development of life-saving drugs, resulting in a highly diverse and complex portfolio. Oracle is transitioning this portfolio to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, balancing velocity and innovation.
  • Oracle Corporate Applications – Oracle has moved its corporate applications to the cloud and is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database to deliver better and faster results at a lower cost, enabling our IT team to focus on innovating the experiences we deliver.
  • Oracle NetSuite Applications – Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016 and recently migrated all of its applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure expanding rapidly from 6 data centers to 20 regions in 18 months. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enabled NetSuite to respond quickly to business growth from the ability to rapidly scale up the service. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, NetSuite is able to achieve rapid global expansion, increased agility, reliability and security.

Migrating delivered added benefits

Migrating our applications to OCI is core to strategy, but we also realize all the benefits inherent to OCI, including autonomous database, security, predictive analytics, and developer services.

  • Autonomous Services – Oracle now runs mission critical business applications on autonomous transaction processing (ATP) database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2 Cloud, reducing the cost of managing internal systems and achieving better performance, improved security and increased uptime. Oracle runs its global corporate data warehouse in autonomous data warehouse (ADW) service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2 Cloud. This corporate data warehouse serves as the company-wide data lake, and along with Oracle Analytics Cloud, supports both analytics and machine learning solutions for all LOBs in Oracle.
  • Developer Services – Our developer and DevOps teams leverage the OCI Platform to build innovative technology including Oracle APEX, Oracle Kubernetes Engine, Oracle Visual Builder, Oracle Java, Oracle GraalVM, AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • Analytics – Oracle leverages the advanced analytics, visualization and machine learning capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud to deliver executive and operational analytics to our business.
  • Security – We leverage the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform for its secure-by-default architecture and integrated security solutions at all levels from the data to the edge. This includes developer, security, and cloud management platforms enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning and a multitude of autonomous services.


We have been able to achieve a significant return on investment with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure including the following metrics (to date):

  • Agility – We are maximizing our ability to efficiently and rapidly deploy products, infrastructure resources and Oracle services across the business and leverage the complete elasticity of the cloud.
  • Innovation – We are improving technical capabilities and service architecture through infrastructure upgrades; modern tools such as automation for deployment pipelines, resource management and orchestration; and integrating new technologies like AI and ML.
  • Security – The zero trust security model provides the most secure place for workloads with autonomous, self-patching and self-securing capabilities.
  • Scale – Our NetSuite GBU is able to grow faster with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure expanding from 6 data centers to 20 regions in 18 months.
  • Reliability – We are able to provide uptime of 99.999% (five nines high availability), which equates to approximately 5 minutes of outage in the entire year, for some of our mission critical applications.
  • Performance – We have doubled our performance improvement.
  • Cost Savings – We are able to deliver better and faster results at lower costs.

The benefits of using Oracle Cloud span our business

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