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Oracle Consulting’s provide our clients with expert, full lifecycle support of Oracle Products regardless of platform, product age, or progress in their cloud journey. And with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), our clients can modernize their platforms and leverage crucial support to overcome any challenges.

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Learn from Oracle Consulting’s experience how to drive innovation leveraging AI to complement and augment human abilities, and get the most out of data with automated learning and discovery.

What Success Looks Like

Oracle Consulting partners with Los Angeles County Assessor to migrate its Assessor Modernization Project

Los Angeles County Assessor office uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to power its project for cost savings, better performance, flexibility, and resource efficiencies.

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Identify and Remediate Risk

Are you confident that your Enterprise is free of damaging security vulnerabilities?
Can you meet the new NIST (National Institute of Standards and Security) data security standards?

Oracle Consulting can help you identify and remediate risks in your database configurations and protect you from costly attacks.

Learn more about our Attack Surface Reduction Service (ASRA) by downloading our datasheet (PDF).

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Use Analytics to Empower Business Decisions

Oracle Analytics empowers your users, data engineers, and data scientists with better data accessibility and faster, more accurate insights.

Advanced Analytics will give you the tools to monitor the “heartbeat” of your business, along with Machine Learning and AI tools to drive your vision for future success.

Contact an Oracle Subject Matter Expert to discuss Use Cases and how Oracle Consulting can empower you and your data.

Smart AnoMaly (SAM) Detection

SAM or Multivariate State Estimation Technique (MSET) Anomaly detection provides early identification of unexpected events in time series data (for example IoT telemetry). SAM serves a critical function with sweeping applications in transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, utility, and other industries. Oracle Consulting can show how this vital technology can help your business anticipate emergent data.

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Find a Seamless Journey to Cloud

Oracle Consulting can help make your journey to the Cloud effective, affordable, and focused on meeting your business objectives regardless of your software starting point:

On-Premise to Cloud – Utilize software, hardware, and cloud services to bridge your transition to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Traditional/Cloud Native Apps – Take advantage of applications that can optimize your platform without forcing re-architecture. If a dedicated cloud is part of your vision, Oracle Alloy provides a complete cloud infrastructure platform to enable partners to become cloud providers.

Public Cloud Users – Work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to get the best services for your applications and bolster your cloud connections.

Hybrid Cloud – Check out Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, OCI Observability and Management, and Oracle Database to support your needs for autonomous databases, performance analytics and secure, protected data centers.

Multicloud – Use Oracle Database Service for Azure to get high performance Oracle databases provisioned and managed through Azure, or OCI Interconnect with Azure for a 2-millisecond latency private connection and identity federation.

Achieve better results on Oracle Database and OCI

  • Reduce DBA admin tasks by 80%.
  • Go serverless to pay only for execution time with no infrastructure to manage.
  • Enable zero downtime maintenance and non-disruptive scaling.
  • Get linear performance increase for databases, AI/ML, or data-intensive computations.
  • Use a faster cloud with 25x better latency, 384x more SQL throughput, 22x more SQL read IOPS, and 20-30% fewer vCPUs needed for the same workload.
  • Go to market 40x faster and extend existing app capabilities, modernize your app infrastructure, automate app delivery, and improve developer productivity.

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Modernize Your Solution

Modernization Engagement Services

Oracle Consulting provides a strategic approach to modernization in collaboration with you and your team that includes, a current state architecture buildout, contemporary best practices for platform modernization, and an in-depth future state architecture roadmap.

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Boost Your Staff Resources

Many clients call on Oracle Consulting to provide subject matter expertise in dealing with a myriad of complex technology issues. We deliver a wide range of solutions to meet your business needs, including providing specialist staff to augment your own internal team in overcoming technology problems.

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Integrate Your Middleware and Applications

When clients need upgrades to their middleware applications, we bring a focused approach to projects through our True Cloud Methodology (TCM) to ensure we meet crucial budgets and timelines. And, nobody knows Oracle better than Oracle Consulting.

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Tap into the power of APEX with Oracle Consulting

Oracle APEX Application Development (APEX Service) is a fully managed, low-code application development platform for building and deploying modern, data-driven applications in Oracle Cloud. Business users and application developers can create enterprise applications 38 times faster than coding—without having to learn complex web technologies.

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Learn more about Oracle Cloud Lift Services.

January 31, 2023

Championing sustainable consulting with zero carbon customer projects

Ainslie Beattie, Sustainability Lead - Oracle Technology Consulting
Giustino Longo, VP, Oracle Technology Consulting EMEA

As a global technology leader, Oracle has a responsibility to guide both in the ongoing fight for the sustainability of the planet, and of course the footprint of IT as an industry, helping to set the standard for other companies. We have been incorporating sustainability as a key component of our business ethos for many years, and are paving the way for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Not only this, but we are driving demonstrable change throughout our organization and sharing our specialist knowledge across the data sector.

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