Bruno Fritsch sells 60-plus cars online in three days with Oracle

The Chilean company deploys Oracle Commerce to let people not just research cars online but to actually buy them as well.


Cyber Day was the launch event for our ecommerce site that we deployed with Oracle. We were reassured that more than 60 people felt confident enough to buy a used car remotely without having seen or touched it.

Juan DieterManager of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, Bruno Fritsch

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Bruno Fritsch was founded in 1977 in Concepción, Chile, and today has 48 branches selling and servicing new and used vehicles from Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Nissan, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Peugeot, Chrysler, Chevy, and Mahindra.

Bruno Fritsch’s dealerships needed to better understand their customers through ecommerce, with the aim of reducing travel to branches. The company saw there was a one-way communications process when it came to online car dealerships: shoppers could browse a catalog of vehicles on a website but then had to visit a physical store. Bruno Fritsch wanted to let customers rent or buy cars online, request services such as insurance or vehicle maintenance, get immediate answers to their questions, and find out about financing options.

I notice that Oracle is improving, changing, and being innovative in many areas, and as a company it makes me feel confident that we are working with a partner that is really adapting to the changes that are happening.

Juan DieterManager of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, Bruno Fritsch

Why Bruno Fritsch Chose Oracle

The dealership chose Oracle Commerce because Oracle showed it could provide ecommerce capabilities securely, since this is a business that deals with millions of pesos and must reassure its customers that their financial transactions are safe. Oracle also provided dealers with friendly service and constant communication to solve any problems.

Another important reason Bruno Fritsch chose Oracle Commerce is because Oracle updates the system every 90 days, which means the dealership group knows it will stay at the forefront of ecommerce and that the software will not become obsolete.


Bruno Fritsch‘s Cyber Day 2020 convinced the company that the digital transformation it undertook with Oracle is headed in the right direction. In only three days, it sold more than 60 cars online. Shoppers gave a vote of trust in using effective technology with a brand as strong as Bruno Fritsch.

Oracle Commerce is part of the broader Oracle Sales solutions portfolio, which Bruno Fritsch also used to help the contact center operate in a more organized way, bringing together all the information about leads, customers, and prospects. These benefits have helped improve service to consumers, since now the dealership can answer customer questions more easily and provide more personalized service.

The company foresees a future where car sales will be 100% online, from purchase to delivery at home. It is a commitment to a completely digital customer journey, which, although a challenge, no longer seems as far away.

Published:May 27, 2021