Murex optimizes licensing with Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory

The fintech provider partners with Oracle to deliver SaaS products to customers in full licensing compliance using Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory.


Licensing and compliance can be very tricky. Oracle and the GLAS team always spend the time to fully understand specific use cases and constraints. They then advise on the optimal way of licensing your use case.

Pascal VersolHead of Technology Partnerships, Murex

Business challenges

Murex, a global provider of financial software, uses Oracle technology to develop applications for customers. As market evolutions spurred Murex to boost software-as-a-service offerings for clients, the company rethought its licensing.

The company’s transition from on-premises to SaaS demanded that Murex build infrastructure and acquire Oracle products directly to offer its solutions as a service. This shift posed many questions that required answers. Murex also evaluated its licensing compliance. Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory became Murex’s licensing guidance partner as the company underwent a digital evolution.

Like most software companies, we are moving more toward the virtualization world. We have a short-term plan to deploy everything on virtualized technology. The Oracle team is helping Murex in its virtualization journey.

Pascal VersolHead of Technology Partnerships, Murex

Why Murex chose Oracle

Murex, which had been an Oracle customer for its own internal purposes, chose to join the Oracle Partner Network. The company regarded Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory as professional, knowledgeable, and helpful—and determined that continuing the relationship was important.


Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory alerted the company of unused licenses and made recommendations to optimize the investment. Today, Murex efficiently manages license misuse risk. Because the company is experiencing big success with its SaaS offering, third-party software licensing optimization became critical to remain competitive. Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory helped Murex optimize internal Oracle database licenses and better understand licensing rules, metric definitions, embedded software license constraints, OPN added value, and proprietary application hosting modeling. Murex developed a stronger command of licensing rules and calculation on different architectures, including public and private cloud, virtualization, and more.

As a member of OPN, Murex easily leverage licenses included in its agreement based on client requirements. When financial institutions move to SaaS, special types of licenses that require clarifications on usage and limitations are often needed. Oracle GLAS Partner Advisory has become the dedicated, long-term resource for Murex as its own clients experience and undergo strategic digital transformations. 

Published:February 15, 2023