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REDISA Starts New Era in African Waste Stream Management, Launches Scrap Tire Initiative in Just 60 Days with Out-of-the-Box Technology


As we are a start-up with no legacy to worry about, the Oracle stack concept of database, middleware, and applications made enormous sense for us. We had to be operational as fast as possible after government approval of the initiative, yet deploy a first-of-its-kind waste management plan across South Africa. Oracle provided the technology to achieve our ambitious plans.

— Hermann Erdmann, CEO, REDISA NPC

The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) is a non-profit organization aiming to develop a sustainable South African tire recycling industry through an integrated waste tire management plan. 60 to 100 million scrap tires are scattered in dumps and stockpiles across South Africa in residential, industrial, and rural areas. These tires are a fire hazard, pollute the environment, and are breeding grounds for disease-spreading vermin and mosquitoes. South African tire manufacturers and importers are now required to handle waste tire recycling and environmentally friendly disposal by themselves, but can pay a waste tire management fee to REDISA. The company then manages the collection of waste tires and their transport to recycling plants, and supports the recycling of tires into new products.
REDISA is a 2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award Winner.
  • Execute an integrated country-wide waste tire management plan to enable REDISA to collect waste management fees from South African tire manufacturers and importers, and fund the collection, transport, storage, and recycling with the proceeds
  • Deploy an IT infrastructure that enables the waste management initiative to become operational as fast as possible after government approval
  • Ensure high operational efficiency and low total cost of IT ownership with one-stop support
  • Enable rapid recruitment of appropriate staff and ensure their onboarding within a few months
  • Support job creation across the country while protecting and cleaning the environment
  • Deployed Oracle technology at the core of REDISA’s Integrated Industry Waste Tire Management Plan to launch the initiative just two months after government approval, using out-of-the-box functionalities to set up logistics, billing, and customer care activities
  • Initiated new approach to waste management in Africa by financing the initiative with an industry fee—set as a revenue stream in Oracle Financials—used to support country-wide job creation for collecting, storing, and recycling waste tires
  • Ensured high availability and security of core data by using Oracle Database to capture information about employees, tire manufacturers, importers, and suppliers—including transport, storage, and recycling enterprises—while safeguarding data and meeting regulatory compliance using Oracle Database Vault
  • Used Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service to rapidly identify candidates, manage recruitment offers, and onboard personnel capable of coordinating waste tire collection, interim storage, and on-time delivery to approved recyclers
  • Used Oracle Financials 12.1.3 to manage revenue and expenses with centralized and standardized workflows, enabling REDISA to issue the first customer invoice right after platform launch
  • Coordinated more than 1,600 pick-up activities per week with Oracle Transportation Management—including scheduling loads of scrap tires, storing them in REDISA’s depots, and delivering them to processing and recycling facilities
  • Connected web portals and mobile apps to Oracle Transportation Management with Oracle Business Process Management architecture designer—making it easy for tire dealers to request waste collection, automatically route information for load scheduling, and monitor the collection of waste and payment of fees
  • Added a geographical component to business intelligence with Oracle Spatial and Graph, enabling REDISA to demonstrate the value of the initiative per individual region—by showing, for example, how much tire waste has been recycled in a specific area, and how much money has been invested in the respective community
  • Strengthened message consistency by using Oracle Content Manager as a single source of truth for accurate and consistent content—such as waste management reports, program brochures, marketing collateral, and website texts
  • Generated achievement reports with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to inform government, media, and society—increasing adoption of the initiative


From the early design phase we wanted a single-vendor solution, and considered Oracle and SAP. From a pure application perspective, both vendors had the potential to get the job done. But the architectural benefits brought by Oracle—everything integrated across the stack—were fundamental to our final decision. Also, the acquisition strategy that Oracle has embarked on gives me the certainty that we will be able to grow indefinitely.

— Ian Beaton, CIO, REDISA NPC



Cape Town, South Africa

Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million


“Oracle specialized partner iFACTORY has walked alongside us all the way, carrying some of our load from the get-go, and through some difficult times also. iFACTORY is a strategic partner to REDISA and has helped with designing architecture and processes, solution deployment, and provision of our environments,” said Hermann Erdmann, CEO, REDISA NPC. 
Published:  Mar 05, 2015