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Oracle Customer Success — TATIS International (Pty) Ltd

TATIS International (Pty) Ltd

TATIS International Increases Employee Efficiency for Managing and Sharing Documentation by 80% After Deploying Document Cloud Platform


We set up Oracle Documents Cloud Service for 10 users within 1 hour. The solution increased the efficiency of managing and sharing documentation by 80%, boosted collaboration and satisfaction, and enhanced security when sharing documents, ensuring sensitive tax revenue data does not end up in the wrong hands.

— David Du Toit, Chief Operations Officer, TATIS International (Pty) Ltd

TATIS International (Pty) Ltd. provides tax and revenue management solutions for a range of local municipal, regional, and national revenue authorities, both in its home country of South Africa and abroad. Its solutions are based upon Oracle applications, principally Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM), and include other Oracle technology products as well. TATIS offers a public sector revenue management product that provides solutions in the areas of revenue collection, payments and accounting, compliance management, and service management for tax and revenue administrations; and also offers Oracle based solutions that address the operational intelligence reporting needs of revenue administrations.

TATIS also provides consulting services, guiding revenue administrations in the areas of revenue management modernization, innovation and research, strategy and communication, systems integration, solution development, and business intelligence. Over the past 10 years, TATIS has focused on delivering revenue management solutions, and is now considered a domain expert, having developed a deep knowledge base in revenue management processing, as well as solution delivery management—for which it uses Oracle’s Unified Model.
  • Deploy a centralized platform to enable efficient management of documents used internally and externally, reduce duplicate versions stored locally and updated on employee laptops, and facilitate effective and timely collaboration between staff working overseas at customer sites and at TATIS’ South Africa headquarters
  • Increase employee efficiency by enabling a mobile workforce to effectively capture, update, and distribute large-volume digital documents anytime and anywhere, while maintaining the high levels of data security necessary considering the highly sensitive nature of tax revenue information
  • Implement a document management system with governance capabilities to minimize the risks and costs associated with regulatory and legal compliance
  • Deploy an easy-to-use, document cloud platform to ensure rapid rollout and user adoption, and minimize system implementation costs
  • Increased employee productivity with respect to managing and sharing documentation by 80%, centralizing document management using Oracle Documents Cloud Service, and enabling employees to capture, secure, collaborate on, and distribute a range of electronic documents and reports
  • Eliminated previous version control problems by ensuring that employees and clients are always working with the correct documents that give access to the relevant revenue and accounting data
  • Enhanced the security of all documents significantly by limiting the access and editing rights on individual documents to authorized stakeholders—including placing time limits on client access—eliminating the previous inherent risks of sharing documents containing sensitive tax revenue and accounting data by email
  • Accomplished full service deployment for 10 users within one hour of placing the order for Oracle Documents Cloud Service, and enabled employees to begin using the system—uploading and accessing documents in a secure way—within minutes of user creation
  • Eliminated the risk of customs and tax revenue data being lost or stolen in transit between overseas customer sites and TATIS headquarters—traditionally transferred on employees’ laptops or USB drives—by ensuring that documents can be immediately uploaded to the cloud from any location, minimizing stress and security concerns for employees on field trips
  • Increased employee satisfaction with managing and sharing documentation through the platform’s intuitive user interface which is accessible from mobile devices, empowering business analysts traveling to and from customer sites to instantly access and share relevant documents and reports—containing, for example, customs tax data, systems requirements, or release notes for product updates
  • Achieved significant return on investment thanks to increased employee productivity and client satisfaction; lower operational costs related to printing, shipping and storage of documents; and minimized risk of costly fines and penalties related to legal and regulatory compliance or loss of data
  • Simplified IT infrastructure and reduced costs for managing and sharing documentation by more than 80% by implementing a document management cloud platform that leverages TATIS’ existing Oracle investment, and which required zero capital outlay, in-house development, or customization for deployment
  • Increased employee efficiency and collaboration by providing secure, anytime, anywhere access to a range of large internal and external documents and files required for working at customer sites—containing for example revenue management system design specifications, database data in custom formats for uploading as configuration data into the application database, or text scripts for performing various data manipulation functions
  • Provided a flexible and scalable platform to support business growth in new countries, expansion of offerings to the private sector, and development of new revenue management cloud solutions for municipal and government bodies—for example integrating income, property, vehicle, customs, value-added, and sales taxes
  • Anticipated the deployment of a dual backup system by storing documents on a cloud-based platform with automatic backups, which is synchronized with shared drives that are stored on local servers, to secure against data loss and facilitate government regulatory compliance in several countries of operation


We evaluated several cloud and onsite systems, including an open source solution for local deployment. Oracle Documents Cloud Service offered the most attractive price-performance ratio, and is the perfect solution for meeting the document needs of our mobile workforce and international clients.

— David Du Toit, Chief Operations Officer, TATIS International (Pty) Ltd

About TATIS International (Pty) Ltd


Somerset West, South Africa



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Jun 08, 2016