TPC doubles the performance of its logistics solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

One of Brazil’s leading logistics companies moves its information management platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Enterprise Database Service.


Our digital transformation using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is about business survival. It has improved data visibility, integration, and processes while reducing errors, efforts, and process failures. If we hadn't made the move to Oracle Cloud, we would no longer be competitive enough to participate in the market.

Luiz Gilberto ZanettiCIO, TPC Logística Inteligente

Business challenges

TPC Logística Inteligente (TPC) handles around 120 million items and 3 million deliveries each year. Despite its 20-year success across 24 states in the country, the company’s on-premises IT infrastructure was inadequate to cope with the increasing volume of data management needed to effectively plan and manage operations.

Limited data visibility and control led to a lot of manual workarounds, making it harder to meet delivery deadlines and manage stock levels. It also caused bottlenecks in the flow of multiple deliveries in and out of warehouses.

TPC’s extranet was strained daily by numerous staff and customer requests for information on deliveries and stored items. Backing up data onto tapes took hours, incurring increased risk of data loss or compromise.

The organization decided to upgrade its data management capabilities to succeed in a highly competitive market. The company had two key goals: to establish a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and to take advantage of the greater agility, flexibility, and scalability offered by cloud computing.

We have received a lot of support from Oracle throughout our journey to build the environment we have today.

Ruy Andrade BurgosIT Manager, TPC Logística Inteligente

Why TPC Logística Inteligente chose Oracle

TPC was already using Oracle Database and other Oracle products, so the company was keen to expand its Oracle portfolio further by installing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Enterprise Database Service. OCI will improve performance, flexibility, scalability, and security.

TPC also chose OCI for the option of upgrading to Oracle Autonomous Database as the ideal data management service that eliminates the complexities of administration with machine learning.

Creating a disaster recovery plan with OCI is also considerably more cost-effective than the on-premises alternative, which required installing and maintaining a second server.  “The project to establish a business continuity plan and start benefiting from the advanced capabilities of the cloud is at the heart of the functioning of our operations. As we use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for our logistic systems, seeking a partnership with Oracle felt like the natural path to follow for this fundamental project,” says Ruy Andrade Burgos, IT manager.

TPC Logística Inteligente reduced manual workarounds by 80% using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Enterprise Database Service.


By migrating TPC’s logistics solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), TPC doubled the performance of processes that are crucial for operations, such as its warehouse management system. The superior data visibility and control with Enterprise Database Service offers reduced manual workarounds by 80%, improving staff productivity and business efficiency.

TPC’s new logistics information management platform is not only much more powerful, flexible, and scalable on OCI than its legacy system, but also offers advanced data integrations and analytics. Employees can quickly generate the reports and information they need to do their jobs effectively. The streamlined, user-friendly interface, which includes customizable dashboards, makes it easy for TPC’s customers to access all the information they need in one place.

For example, data inventory items and their locations are now generated twice as quickly. This enables TPC staff to make faster, more accurate decisions on reordering stock, managing deliveries, and forecasting orders to completion—improving fulfillment and customer service.

OCI also provides the company a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan it required, with all its data securely backed up and monitored constantly.   TPC’s on-premises and cloud environments are always connected via Oracle FastConnect, with two backup links for extra peace of mind.


Oracle Partner Polo IT supported TPC in the migration to the cloud. “Polo IT is a very good partner who has served us for many years,” says Ruy Andrade Burgos, TPC’s IT manager.

TPC also works with Oracle Partner Compasso, which monitors the company’s SOA environment in Oracle Cloud 24/7.

Published:December 2, 2022

About the customer

TPC Logística Inteligente (TPC), acquired by JSL Group in 2021, specializes in warehouse logistics and provides end-to-end logistics management for sectors including retail, chemicals, cars, and healthcare. It employs 5,000 people across 24 states in Brazil.