TRATON standardizes planning and speeds up reporting with Oracle Cloud EPM

The leading commercial vehicle manufacturer uses Oracle Cloud EPM to consolidate data sources, streamline planning, and unlock efficiency.


Oracle has changed our jobs for the better. Employees are learning more from data, enhancing their skill sets, and coming up with new developments, which makes me really happy to see.

Verena HlavonProject Manager, NextGen Reporting and Controlling, TRATON GROUP

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Business challenges

TRATON SE, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, is a leader in the trucking and transport services industry. In 2021 it produced more than 270,000 vehicles. With brands like Scania, MAN, Volkswagen Truck & Bus, and Navistar, the company’s aim is to use its products and services to reinvent transportation.

With legacy systems, the company faced challenges with disconnected financial and operational planning. It had to use multiple databases to store separate information such as actuals and planning data, making it difficult to paint a bigger picture of the business. Disparate data sources meant a lot of spreadsheets were generated across teams, which created version control issues and a lack of accurate, up-to-date information. Additionally, data had to be reviewed and checked for accuracy before it could be shared. This repetitive manual effort created reporting delays, making it difficult to pull actionable insights that could help leaders make informed decisions.

TRATON knew it needed to consolidate disparate data sources, enable quick and easy access to data, and gain more visibility across the organization to plan for future growth.

Our goal was to get a single source of truth, and that’s what we got with Oracle.

Verena HlavonProject Manager, NextGen Reporting and Controlling, TRATON GROUP

Why TRATON chose Oracle

TRATON looked at several vendors to address its challenges, but ultimately the company selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) for its combined power and flexibility. TRATON understood that Oracle Cloud EPM could provide the autonomy to configure the system in a way that met its needs.

The company also saw the potential of Oracle Cloud EPM to consolidate other cloud and on-premises data sources, making it easier to connect the dots across departments and teams. Oracle Cloud EPM gave the company improved data quality and security, so teams have more freedom to drill down and get more detailed with their analyses.

TRATON uses Oracle Cloud EPM to gain efficiency over the full forecast cycle, saving about two staff days of work.


Using the power of Oracle Cloud EPM, TRATON standardized processes and improved planning for the entire business. Because Oracle consolidated data from numerous sources, teams didn’t have to spend time searching for the right information or comparing data on spreadsheets. Data quality and security also improved by removing human error during data input, saving even more time on the back end. This made a huge impact on the company’s reporting and forecasting process, which was reduced by approximately two staff days thanks to Oracle Cloud EPM. Every part of the planning process was standardized, which made the company’s planning more transparent and consistent. The company saw better overall efficiency and a clear path forward for the business.

TRATON also enabled more self-service and autonomy for users and brands. Users drilled down into data and came up with new ideas on how to develop the environment further, which wouldn’t have been possible without the flexibility of Oracle Cloud EPM. The brands under TRATON also took more ownership over their respective businesses by tapping Oracle’s stable foundation.

A major focus area for TRATON was to meet stakeholder demands, and Oracle Cloud EPM helped accomplish that. With a central repository that enabled rapid analysis and reporting, the company generated reports for leadership much faster and made more real-time, data-driven decisions.

The company’s next step is to configure Oracle Cloud EPM to be more customer-centric. It plans to use further data visualizations to make digesting information and improving decision-making even easier.

Published:February 13, 2023

About the customer

Part of Volkswagen, TRATON is one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. It produces a wide range of light-duty commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses.