Unicomer accelerates insights for business

Unicomer uses Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing to help business users find the information they need, enabling them to focus on more important tasks such as data analysis and data architecture instead of database management.

With Oracle, we’ve reduced our costs by centralizing information and making it visible across the company, rather than having it compartmentalized by country or region.

Francisco AlasBusiness Operation Manager, Unicomer

Business challenges

Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, retail outlets from Unicomer combine high-touch service with repair and financing services that help the company grow deep relationships with its customers.

The challenge has been to gather and analyze data from myriad different retail businesses—from small appliances to autos to electronics—that has traditionally resided in separate data centers in nearly all the countries where Unicomer operates.

That challenge continues to accelerate as the company grows through acquisition, a process that has left the IT team to manage over 60 different systems that generate data for analysis.

One of the things I value the most is rapidness, the flexibility to increase or reduce resources. Now we can give the business a platform that we know will respond, and it will be done in a matter of minutes.

Hector SilvaDirector of IT Architecture, Unicomer

Why Unicomer Chose Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offered Unicomer an autonomous transaction processing database that integrated seamlessly with an autonomous data warehouse and a powerful Analytics Cloud service. With this integrated and highly scalable cloud-based system, Unicomer could significantly lower costs compared to running numerous data centers, while also giving the company a secure, centralized computing platform to consolidate and analyze data across the entire business.


Immediately, the Oracle Cloud system saved Unicomer 40% over the cost of maintaining its own data centers, while also delivering a performance boost of 4X to 6X. For example, a credit management query that once took over two hours now takes less than 5 minutes.

The new process sends data seamlessly from Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing into the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and makes it immediately available for analysis by Oracle Analytics Cloud.

The streamlined process on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows the company to continue to consolidate data and lower its dependence on regional data centers. 

More importantly, however, the consolidation process has given the company’s decision makers better data to work with. For example, they’ve been able to bring a very useful data analytics process into its Caribbean region that previously only worked in its Latin American region.

The new system has caught on with leaders and analysts throughout the company. The analytics team reports fielding three times more request for advanced analytics and forecasting than with the old system with request coming from a wider range of groups within the company, such as HCM, supply chain, credit, and others.

Published:September 2, 2020