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Oracle Audience Segmentation

Increase the performance of your marketing programs by executing more targeted campaigns. CX Audience makes it easy to build audience segments for immediate use within marketing programs and provides analytics to understand the performance of your segments before and after campaigns are run.

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Explore CX Audience

Agile audience assembly

Sort through your customer data without SQL. Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to build segments and include critical information to personalize each message.

Audience designer

Segment your marketing initiatives based on aggregated customer values. You can easily filter to find your top 15% of buyers or isolate the least-engaged web visitors.

Capture counts quickly

Save time while improving the accuracy of your targeting. Evaluate the size of an audience without waiting hours for a query to complete.

Priority-based waterfall segmentation

Match customers to goal-oriented, relevant content. For example, if a customer likes both shoes and dresses, but likes shoes more, you can prioritize a shoe offer and still include a supplemental dress deal.

Prioritze remarketing offers

Overcome conflicts between offers by setting priorities within your audiences. If a list member matches on multiple criteria, prioritize offers accordingly and ensure each individual receives the best experience.

Visual analysis of segments

Evaluate segmentation and easily determine which customers match the criteria for each grouping that you’ve designated for a campaign.

Audience data enrichment and management

Tap into Oracle’s expansive third-party dataset and begin personalizing experiences for customers with smaller digital footprints.

Customer data activation

Centralize your marketing data for better segmentation and enrich it with Datalogix demographics and purchase behavior data.

Prebuilt segments

Use demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics across audiences to optimize targeting for each campaign.

Real-time data updates

Reduce data latency and improve the relevance of messages to your customers. Our bidirectional Responsys integration ensures every message is relevant for every customer.

Audience performance analysis

Gain insight into your campaign by analyzing audience performance through a selection of actionable analytics included with CX Audience. Know more before you launch and capture greater insight into the results after a campaign deploys.

Prelaunch audience evaluation

Once you’ve built an audience, leverage the prelaunch analytics to see how that audience has responded to campaigns in the past. Make the adjustments you need before the launch.

Audience data visualization

Stop relying on spreadsheets that you have to reformat to understand campaign performance. Review data in easy-to-understand visual dashboards that highlight critical details.

Key benefits

  • High-precision targeting

    Augment your consumer data with Oracle Data Cloud, the world’s largest source of third-party data.

  • Faster time to-value with no IT needed

    Streamline and automate audience segmentation, finding the ideal balance of reach and impact.

  • Greater visibility into segment performance

    Leverage historical data to find the ideal audience, then review performance to measure campaign objectives.

  • Discover new customers

    Deliver more relevant experiences to newly-discovered segments, driving personalization and engagement.

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July 1, 2020

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Michael McNichols, Senior Content Manager, Oracle

With 2020 more than halfway over, we took a look back at several blogs that you might have missed but which can still provide valuable insights as you continue to work on your digital marketing strategies. Email marketing, data-driven marketing, content, customer loyalty, and martech, we tried to cover several of the more important marketing topics to give you a breadth and variety of information.

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