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Integrated loyalty for increased customer engagement

Create meaningful relationships with your customers that extend beyond transactional interactions. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement helps you build emotional connections with your customers and cultivate brand advocates and communities. New innovations add deeper integrations between Oracle CrowdTwist and the Oracle Advertising and CX suite that provide richer customer data, better ways to communicate, and more flexible tools for managing and redeeming award points.

Combine loyalty and engagement data with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform

With a two-way connection between CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement and Unity Customer Data Platform, you can activate personalized campaigns to members of your loyalty program based on their loyalty status, shopping behavior, or preferences collected through polls and quizzes. Connecting loyalty data with marketing, ecommerce, service, and billing data allows you to develop more precise audiences and more targeted campaigns and programs.

Unity’s extensive profile data enables you to expand member profiles to better personalize loyalty programs.

  • Improve customer retention rates with relevant offers that proactively target customers who are at the cusp of reaching or losing a loyalty tier
  • Understand your customers’ true lifetime value by merging customer loyalty program activity and redemption data with cross-channel sales and marketing data
  • Increase the breadth of customer data captured in Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform by adding loyalty data for better targeting, segmentation, and campaign personalization
  • Scale personalization across activation channels

CrowdTwist to Unity integration

Expand loyalty programs by connecting households

Expand your loyalty programs to improve engagement by allowing members to form households. Loyalty program members can pool points with their family and friends to redeem rewards faster. For example, book club members can pool their loyalty points to buy more books.

With loyalty households, you can capture additional customer data around household behavior and engagement to build stronger loyalty programs.

  • Increase customer engagement by connecting loyalty members within the same household or group
  • Grow program membership by encouraging group participation
  • Increase customer retention with a better understanding of household views, behaviors, and preferences
  • Design innovative digital marketing campaigns targeted at household segments
Household point sharing group

Reward your most valuable customers with targeted programs.

Integrate loyalty data into your marketing campaigns

Insert customer spend and engagement data from CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement into Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to improve targeting and conversion. With real-time customer loyalty and engagement data, you can target your most engaged customers with VIP campaigns and offers through Responsys.

Match offers to customer preferences in real time for more targeted marketing campaigns. New, actionable data and seamless integration helps you deliver highly personalized campaigns that drive greater loyalty.

  • Reduce customer churn by realigning and/or updating active marketing campaigns in response to changes in customer behavior and preference
  • Increase sales conversion rates by connecting real-time customer loyalty behaviors to digital marketing programs with timely and relevant messages
  • Simplify the production and launch of loyalty campaigns with clean, consistent integration to Responsys Campaign Management
  • Deepen relationships and personalize CX at every touchpoint by capturing actionable customer data across all channels.

CrowdTwist to Responsys integration

Expand loyalty program offers across your partner network

Define strategic brand partners who can award program points for ecommerce transactions and offer valuable partner rewards and benefits for improved customer engagement and continued loyalty. Develop joint loyalty marketing campaigns with your partners with bill-back reporting and extensions to your partners' website, store, and other owned channels.

  • Extend loyalty programs to partners and award points for commerce and engagement
  • Improve customer retention strategies through partner reward offerings and benefits
  • Enable customers to earn points through new ecommerce and engagement opportunities across your partner network
  • Increase customer engagement and spend by offering new ways for your customers to earn points
CrowdTwist partner creation

How to get the most from your customer loyalty programs.

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