Oracle Field Service

Oracle Field Service is a cloud-based field service management solution that helps businesses schedule, route, and equip mobile workers to complete service activities at a customer’s home, office, or installed asset location.

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Work planning and scheduling

Accurately predict staffing needs

Meet forecasting and workload management goals, predict future demand, build long-term plans, and track performance.

Optimize resource utilization

Configure your service model to meet operational efficiency, cost management, and customer experience goals.

Intelligently automate scheduling and routing

Ensure on-time arrivals, reduce distance driven, eliminate unnecessary truck rolls, and complete more jobs per day.

Technician enablement

Complete service activities anywhere

Access critical job details and capture required information to serve customers in the field—even offline.

Simplify complex activities with preconfigured workflows

Provide guided assistance to mobile workers, shorten onboarding time, and ensure service consistency.

Access knowledge while engaged in service activities

Pull up manuals, videos, articles, schematics, and other documents in your mobile application to get answers and solve issues.

Connect and collaborate with your team

Share expertise, jobs, parts, and tools to solve customer problems and complete more jobs on the first try.

Customer self-service

Give customers choice and convenience

Provide immediate service to customers through their preferred channels, such as digital assistants, video chat, and SMS.

Help customers find answers to common problems

Deflect minor service inquiries away from service teams and enable customers to diagnose and solve issues quickly.

Let customers track and manage field service appointments

Send notifications to customers via email or SMS and give them real-time visibility of mobile worker arrival status with options for rescheduling service activities.

Service support

Always-on help for mobile workers

Deliver accurate advice and next-best action recommendations to mobile workers via chatbots accessible in their mobile application.

Escalate complex issues over video

Complete more jobs by using embedded video chat to connect with expert service support, diagnose issues, and get live coaching.

Empower your desk-based service support teams

Bring your most seasoned experts in from the field to support new or junior team members with voice, video, screen sharing, and annotation tools.

Fill staffing gaps and expand your coverage area

Manage a hybrid workforce of in-house, contractor, and/or third-party service networks in the same application.

Service logistics

Connect field service to your supply chain

Enable mobile workers to easily check parts availability and order, receive, transfer, and reserve parts for their trunk stock.

Provide customers with repair cost estimates and generate a return material authorization for assets.

Enter parts used and review charges for parts, labor, and expenses within the field service mobile application.

Ensure labor and parts costs are properly captured against service-level agreements (SLAs) and entitlements.

IoT and connected equipment

Detect, analyze, and respond to IoT signals

Optimize asset availability and utilization through continuous remote tracking and visualization of usage, condition, and performance.

Detect anomalies, run remote diagnostics, and trigger self-repair commands to prevent service disruption.

Automatically create work orders and schedule field service activities to prevent or minimize downtime.

Use digital twin visualizations identify problematic components and automatically detect faults and abnormalities.

Deliver Remarkable Experiences with Connected Field Service

Hear from field service experts as they discuss how you can elevate the customer and employee experience by investing in connected experiences.

Enersense powers sustainable energy with Oracle Field Service

Customer Reference

Enersense powers sustainable energy with Oracle Field Service

The renewable energy company uses Oracle Field Service to empower mobile resources across Europe.

Oracle Field Service customer successes

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Key benefits—field service management

Maximize field service operational efficiencies and meet service level agreements

Optimize your field service teams, by automatically assigning and routing field service workers based on SLAs, their particular skills, location, availability, and individual performance patterns.

Learn how field service excellence and efficiency can go hand in hand

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility—and remain compliant

Improve field employee compliance with real-time monitoring to deliver automated, event-based customer communications at any point during the service cycle.

Guide your field service teams to deliver consistent, efficient service

Connect a disconnected mobile workforce

With an easy-to-use mobile workforce solution and enhanced digital tool sets, you can improve collaboration, communication, and innovation, and support any current and future business processes.

See how Enersense reduced the average time to site for its mobile resources to only 20 minutes

Scale complex scheduling and training requirements

Use self-learning, AI-assisted scheduling and routing to streamline and scale workforce assignments, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. Leverage enhanced knowledge management, collaboration, and mobile tools to train and onboard new employees.

Transform the asset-based field service lifecycle

Predict and prevent downtime, improve efficiency, and grow service-related revenue by automating the workflows that connect your customers and their assets to your teams, your supply chain, and your back office.

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Oracle Field Service pricing

Oracle Field Service Enterprise

Get a comprehensive solution that scales to support any size mobile workforce and field service scenario.


Oracle Field Service Professional

Get powerful field service management capabilities that provide a robust and flexible solution for your mobile workforce.


Oracle Field Service Contingent Worker

Seamlessly manage a hybrid workforce of in-house, contractor and/or third-party service networks to fill staffing gaps or expand geographic coverage.



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Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, videos, and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle Field Service. You'll find all of these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.

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Best practices

What is a field service management strategy?

A successful field service management strategy embraces digital technologies to maximize efficiencies and connect the mobile workforce to customers and the back-office team (including customer service, dispatch, and management). This type of transformation supports exponential growth opportunities for worker productivity, customer experience, and your bottom line.