Database Appliance Features

Automated deployment and management

Full-stack integration improves productivity

The integration of database-optimized infrastructure, management software, and Oracle Database optimizes application performance while improving IT team productivity.

Automation simplifies administration

Built-in system management automation implements Oracle Database best practices, reducing the need for extensive skills and simplifying deployment and management.

Automated backups simplify data protection in cloud

Backing up data in OCI is integrated into the Appliance Manager environment to reduce IT staff workloads and add a layer of protection for crucial customer data.

Oracle Database optimizations

Fully integrated for peak performance

This full-stack solution with high performance CPUs, storage, and automated management deliver the best performance for your Oracle Database workloads.

Mixed workload support reduces complexity

The ability to run Oracle, third-party, and custom applications on an optimized Oracle Database reduces the complexity of deploying diverse workloads.

Database choice maximizes solution fit

Support for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Oracle Database Standard Edition, along with all Oracle Database options and management packs, enables IT departments to select the solution that best fits their needs.

Capacity on demand lowers costs

Capacity-on-demand resource enablement lets you start using as few as two CPU cores and easily grow to as many as 64 cores, keeping costs aligned with business requirements.

Built-in risk reduction

Integrated solution maximizes application availability

Optimized full-stack solutions deliver the best availability for Oracle Database workloads.

Full-stack patching reduces cyberattack risk

Bundled patching of system, software, and database infrastructure makes it easy for you to protect against malicious attacks by securing the business with frequent updates.

Integration of advanced features simplifies high availability deployments

Integration of Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Data Guard deployment into Appliance Manager makes it easy for you to achieve high availability for crucial databases.

Appliance Manager

Easy-to-use interface accelerates provisioning

The integrated user interface quickly gathers configuration parameters and presents predefined options to reduce system and database provisioning to a few easy steps.

Comprehensive patching streamlines maintenance

Pretested patch bundles engineered specifically for Oracle Database Appliance reduce IT administrative workloads by patching the appliance’s firmware and software at the same time.

Automated monitoring improves uptime

Built-in diagnostics continually monitor Oracle Database Appliance infrastructure for failures and detects deviations from Oracle best practices so IT teams can maximize availability in remote systems.