FedEx uses Oracle Cloud to boost back-office efficiency

FedEx has charted a broad, long-term technology strategy: Minimize the company’s data center footprint through cloud-based solutions. Moving key finance systems to Oracle Cloud has given them speed, savings, and flexibility.

Oracle Cloud brings new flexibility and savings to FedEx accounts receivable

When FedEx migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the global package delivery giant lowered costs, expanded finance and revenue capabilities, and gave IT teams more time for “change the business” initiatives.

“I’m glad we made the decision to move to OCI. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve been a part of in my 23 years at FedEx.”

Rajesh Singh

Vice President of IT, Pricing and Revenue Systems

Back-office automation helps FedEx quickly adapt to change

FedEx is renowned for innovating to improve the customer experience and wanted to apply the same strategy to its employee-facing back office. To do so, the company stood up nine new instances of Oracle Cloud ERP and now has the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to evaluate operations in near real-time.

“The Oracle Analytics tools allow us to drill into the operations on an almost real-time basis and see what's going on and evaluate how things are developing worldwide.”

Chris Wood

Vice President, Corporate Services Accounting, FedEx Services