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Simphony Point of Sale software from Oracle brings restaurant business analytics to the palm of your hand. Access business-critical data in clear reports and dashboards. Gain insight into operations across all locations, from high-level metrics down to individual guest checks. Make informed business decisions fast with access to real-time data from your restaurant POS system.

Simphony Point of Sale

Restaurant Analytics for Real-Time Visibility

Collect sales data across all POS touchpoints

POS terminals, tablets, self-service kiosks, and online ordering apps feed sales data to your Oracle POS Reporting and Analytics cloud in real time.

Improve takeout profits kitchen display system data

Get a clear picture of how well the kitchen is running with preparation, delivery times, and other kitchen performance metrics impacting your bottom line.

Manage performance across all locations in real time

Access online reports from desktop and mobile devices, or use our InMotion mobile app and manage action on the go.

Send mobile alerts to keep managers up to speed

Get real-time alerts on important issues like inventory shortages, missed sales targets, employee scheduling conflicts, and labor costs exceeding preset thresholds.

POS Reports for Restaurants of All Sizes

Take control of your restaurant from the palm of your hand, whether you're a small business owner or a global restaurant chain. Our restaurant POS software will help you see trends, build forecasts, and identify opportunities from your desktop, tablet or mobile app.

Optimize Menus with Customized Sales Reports

Optimize your pricing and menu mix, by sales channel to maximize profitability. Use restaurant menu data, sales data, and food and packaging costs to see which items drive the most revenue, run the highest costs, and are the most (or least) profitable.

Easily identify top-selling items, popular order combinations, and save time deciding which menu items to keep or remove.

Analyze the Impact of Discounts

Discount reports offer an overall summary of the total amount, total count, and average discount amount over a given time period.

Dive into the details and sort discounts by reason, quantity, amount, menu item, employee, and more to see the impact discounts are having on your bottom line.

View Restaurant Profitability by Day Part

Easily plot labor costs against net sales to spot inefficiencies in scheduling. Break the day down by breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or analyze profitability by quarter hour.

Analyze the impact of table turnover speed throughout the day to ensure promise times are being met and table availability is meeting demand.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Employee Performance Reports

Analyze net sales, check count, average check size, and variance from average check for each employee. Our labor reports show how restaurant operators lost sales and tip opportunities to help them improve customer service and address inefficient employee schedules. Identify possible theft and opportunities for training to avoid recurrence of costly errors.

Learn more about labor management and scheduling

Optimize Efficiency with Inventory Management Analytics

Inventory reports help you minimize waste by maintaining optimal stock levels. Using real-time forecasting data ensures that your order timing is precise. Always know what should be on the shelf to prevent over-portioning, waste, and theft.

Simphony also connects with your vendors and suppliers. Easily re-order, access invoices online, spot pricing trends, create menu models, and more.

Learn more about inventory management

Improve Promotions With Gift and Loyalty Program Reports

Simphony gives you the tools to keep your customers coming back. Easily manage gifts and awards based on visit frequency, amount spent, and items purchased. Allow your customers to view their reward activity in real time and use customer reports to drive targeted marketing campaigns.

Learn more about gift and loyalty program management

Connect your enterprise with real-time POS data

Connect real-time POS data to essential business applications across your enterprise with our business intelligence APIs. Automate POS sales, operations, and kitchen data into downstream applications like third-party inventory, labor management, and marketing for optimal back-of-house operations. Leverage our intuitive interface to write and format custom exports using hundreds of data points, or schedule built-in data exports to third-party marketplaces and more.

Explore Simphony POS Integrations

Create Custom Dashboards

Provide relevant, real-time information to restaurant owners, managers, finance teams, and executives with customized dashboards built for each user's role in the business.

Use dashboard tiles to drill down on specific metrics and quickly guide data-driven decisions that affect customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Watch the webcast: Reporting and Analytics in Action
InMotion | Our Mobile App for Restaurant Analytics On The Go

The Oracle InMotion Mobile restaurant analytics app puts real-time, actionable data in the palm of your hand, so you can make timely and informed decisions. Give restaurant managers up-to-the-minute statistics on sales, labor, discounts, tenders, and guest count—all visible on your smartphone.

Track sales forecasts against actual and make adjustments on the fly. Set operational alerts and respond swiftly to issues to keep your customers happy. Available on iOS and Android.

Outback Steakhouse Gets More Done with Reporting and Analytics

One of the greatest innovations I've seen in the restaurant industry is the amount of data we're able to capture through our Oracle MICROS system. The system captures everything we do and we use that to cut through to the trends that are happening within the business and stay ahead of the curve.”

Mike Palmer Operating Partner, Outback Steakhouse Australia.

Learn more about Simphony's Reporting and Analytics for restaurants

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  • Oracle Reporting and Analytics Advanced Cloud Service

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