Patient access

Prioritize the patient experience creating continuity between digital and staff-assisted engagements, enhancing access to care, and streamlining the scheduling, financial clearance, and registration workflows with our patient access solutions.

Enhance patient access to care

The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

Patient scheduling

Oracle Health Scheduling Management workflows help patients determine the right appointment, location, and time based on their clinical need, insurance coverage, preferences, existing clinician relationship, and the available appointment options. We help you coordinate appointment booking across venues of care by helping to streamline scheduling within a call center, department, or medical practice.

Our workflows facilitate patient scheduling while taking into consideration known patient information, enabling you to

  • Proactively reach out to patients using a clinical orders integration that helps book unscheduled appointments.
  • Guide the scheduling workflow to determine patient scheduling needs based on symptoms, a series of rules-driven questions, information about existing orders, and known patient information.
  • Assist scheduling decision-making through patient preferences (including clinician sex, preferred time of day per day of the week, and appointment reminder preferences) as well as known clinical order information.
  • Show schedulers details about clinician participation in out-of-network facilities based on the patient’s insurance coverage.
  • Engage with patients regarding their schedule through the Oracle Health Patient Portal.

Financial clearance

Our financial clearance workflows, within Oracle Health Registration Management, help enhance the preregistration and intake experience by evaluating whether the captured data is accurate and up to date. These workflows minimize the amount of information the patient is asked to verify again at preregistration or arrival.

Our collaboration with Experian supports financial clearance workflows and enables you to

  • Verify that the patient’s address is valid and deliverable.
  • Use data enrichment intelligence to complete insurance verification.
  • Screen for additional coverage (including Medicaid) and financial assistance programs.
  • Provide patients with a bill estimate prior to their visit.
  • Create a personalized payment experience by assessing a patient’s unique financial situation.
  • Facilitate prior authorization submission for approvals and denials.
  • Inform payers who require notification when a patient has been placed in an observation status or admitted for or discharged from an inpatient stay.

Patient registration

Oracle Health Registration Management solution is designed to simplify the user experience based on venue, role, and operational procedures with a broad range of tools and workflows.

Our streamlined patient registration workflows enable you to

  • Extend patient access to consumer self-service tools through APIs and embedded app technologies.
  • Localize forms, quality edits, and workflows using customizable rules.
  • Help prioritize staff workloads with interactive, exception-based work lists.
  • Manage waiting rooms with venue-specific patient registration workflows that connect to clinical processes (for example, the short emergency department (ED) registration workflow adds patients to the ED tracking board for triage).
  • Update the clinical level-of-care and room charges with limited manual intervention by using the patient status order integration.
  • Collect co-pays or payments on outstanding balances prior to delivering care.

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