Clinical security

Maintain a strong security posture for your enterprise with data security solutions that help you manage clinical identity, regulatory compliance, and security auditing and maintain business continuity, even during downtimes.

Secure your entire enterprise

The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

Monitor privacy, security, and regulatory compliance

Track end user access to confidential patient data in your electronic health record (EHR) in near real time with our data security solution.

Continuous monitoring

Investigate audit events for potential privacy, security, and regulatory compliance using recommended workflows.

Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts based on a specific event or threshold to help you prioritize reviews.

Usage monitoring

Conduct near real-time auditing on demand for a given time frame or other specification, such as a clinician or patient identifier.

Behavior patterns

Identify anomalies in interactions between patients and clinicians.

Regulatory compliance

Review and monitor controlled substance prescriptions for federal compliance.

Maintain access to care during planned or unplanned downtime

Maintain continuity of care when you need it most. Minimize workflow disruptions during system outages and downtime events with Oracle Health 724Access solutions.

Disaster recovery

Maintain complete read/write access to all clinical data during an EHR outage.

Read-only access

Get read-only access to a full copy of the data in our EHR using Oracle Health solutions.

Downtime viewer

Get read-only access to a subset of the data in our EHR.

Ambulatory viewer

Maintain read-only access to scheduled appointments, patient consolidated clinical document architecture (CCDA) Information, and EHR documents.

Create a secure, enhanced user access experience

Ensure only authorized users have data access and streamline workflows with our identity and access management solutions.

Oracle Health Instant Access

Help clinicians be more productive by reducing the time it takes to access.

Workflow Authentication

Allow advanced authentication methods for reauthentication workflows using multifactor authentication in the EHR.

Provisioning Adapter

Help reduce clinician effort—create and maintain users in third-party applications provisioned in our EHR.

Key benefits of our security solutions

  • Seamless integration

    Maintain consistent authentication across clinical workflows.

  • Streamlined authentication workflows

    Streamline order signing by prompting physicians only for the authentication methods that are available and allowed.

  • Single sign-on

    Reduce the number of username and password prompts on various applications.

  • Automatic sign-off

    Ensure your patient data is safe by automatically logging off workstations.

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