Oracle Compensation

Promote fairness and help retain top talent, regardless of location, by using real-time data to create and model compensation plans based on your own unique requirements.

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Budget modeling

Worker-level budgeting

Use modeling to calculate amounts based on relevant criteria to see what the actual cost would be and allocate the final amounts.

Manager-level budgeting

Provide managers with the ability to distribute amounts to their directs or all managers in the organization.

Real-time employee data

Make decisions about compensation plans using connected, relevant employee data from Oracle Cloud HCM.

Local and global compensation

Local and global allocation

Allocate and manage various types of compensation such as salary, bonuses, and stock for workers, regardless of their location.

Components of pay

Allocate final amounts with automatically calculated salary components for each employee in different countries.

Embedded analytics

Provide immediate comparisons to budget, pay history, and other industry-standard markers such as compensation ratio.

Dynamic alerts

Define and apply organization-specific rules that enforce manager allocation guidelines and detect anomalies.

Plans based on unique requirements

Flexible plan eligibility

Define eligibility for compensation plans based on various criteria from Oracle Cloud HCM data such as grade and division.

Pay for performance

Incorporate employee performance measures to drive the planning, budgeting, and approval of compensation allocations.

Market data

Compare an employee’s pay to imported market data based on their job or position and their location.

Individual compensation

Create individual plans with eligibility rules, document upload, and approvals to enable employees to claim various allowances.

Visibility into total rewards

Compensation dashboard

Get a holistic view of your compensation strategy by reviewing various criteria such as level, geography, and gender.

Compensation letters

Generate and distribute compensation letters to help managers share new information with employees.

Total compensation statements

Provide employees with full visibility into their total compensation including earnings, equity awards, benefits, and more.

Oracle named the Overall Leader in Ventana's 2023 Value Index for Total Compensation Management

The Value Index for total compensation management in 2023 finds Oracle first on the list. Companies that place in the top three in any category earn the designation Value Index Leader. Oracle has done so in all of the seven categories.

Key benefits of Oracle Compensation

Empower managers to pay smart, no matter where their team is

Guide managers with automatic calculations and alerts that appear when compensation allocations are out of policy.

Embed equity and fair pay into compensation plans

Drive fairness and equity by enforcing organizational policies at an individual level when making awards.

Optimally allocate scarce compensation budgets

Make more-informed decisions when distributing rewards by using Oracle HR data, market data, and target amounts.

Attract, retain, and reward your employees

Recognize your top talent with rewards based on unique requirements, such as Oracle Performance Management measures.

Plan and execute compensation cycles on schedule

Shorten compensation cycles and make smart decisions with real-time HR data and flexible approval processes.

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