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Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Datasheet

Key features

  • Report incidents in a fast, streamlined process for all workers on any device
  • Capture critical event information—add documentation and photos
  • Collect compliance data to support regulatory reporting
  • Collect hazard data - both incident, near miss, and 'unsafe condition' information
  • Discover root causes - investigate the incident and drive an immediate response
  • Track and analyze safety - using KPI’s to monitor progress, detect trends and patterns
  • Embed learning content for training and compliance
  • Implement quickly - leverage Core HR data and processes as a native part of Oracle Cloud

Key benefits

  • Promote a culture of workplace safety and compliance
  • Reduce costs associated with workforce compensation
  • Reduce accidents and workplace hazards through root case analysis
  • Mitigate risk – capture more incidents, sooner and enable follow-up actions
  • Spend less time managing the incident reporting process
  • Support compliance with better data for analysis and reporting

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Oracle Workforce Health and Safety (part of Oracle Cloud HCM) provides organizations with the ability to effectively and simply manage environmental health and safety incidents. The entire process from reporting the incidents and hazards and capturing critical information, to conducting reviews, tracking KPIs, and automating follow up actions is dramatically simplified for all employees helping improve the overall safety of the workforce

Encourage employees to report health and safety incidents

Many organizations find it very difficult to get notifications of health and safety incidents in their workplaces in a timely fashion. Workers are unsure or uncertain as to whether they should notify their organization of near misses or unsafe conditions. HR departments are held accountable for health and safety policies and are most effective when they deploy simple, intuitive tools that encourage and minimize the obstacles for employees to report on past or potential incidents. In light of recent events, the ability to provide a safe workplace and support compliance has never been more vital to building resilience.

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety provides employees with an intuitive, guided reporting experience from any device. Critical event information is captured in realtime based on the type of incident with minimal data entry required. This ensures that the information is accurate and can be used to immediately generate follow-up actions.

Promote a culture of workforce safety and compliance

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety allows your workforce to easily report, manage, and mitigate issues. It not only supports past incident reviews, but also reporting on near misses and unsafe conditions, allowing your entire organization to be proactive in the prevention and mitigation of risk, which translates into reduced costs. Once an incident has been reported, HR or the health and safety professional can easily digest and understand the issue at hand, initiate an investigation with guidance provided by questionnaires, and follow-up, with actions along with alerts to engage the broader organization, all in one application. We developed auto-completed fields based on employee role and location to allow for quick and simple capture of incidents. Employees can add additional context to the incident by taking pictures or filling out notes. We leverage the embedded Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence solution to deliver the analysis and reporting required for compliance as well as for internal metrics to identify health and safety trends in the organization’s workplace.

In summary, Oracle Workforce Health and Safety promotes workplace safety by providing an easy to use tool that is embedded into the daily processes of all employees. It reduces the burden of compliance obligations and allows employees to focus on the risk at hand. Finally, it gives all the stakeholders in an organization the awareness of the latest health and safety trends.

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Incidents delivers:

  • A native Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Incident Management solution, no custom integration required
  • Data privacy using a single security model
  • Minimized implementation costs and effort as customers can leverage Oracle Core HR configurations from the same.
  • Common Platform
    • Common Extension Framework
      • Extend objects, UI, and logic
      • Shared data model
    • Common Security
      • Single security model
      • User management and identify management
    • Common Platform Services
      • Export/import, Assignment, Email, Search, APIs
    • Common Administration
      • Setup and deployment
      • Lifecycle management
    • Extensible Analytics
      • Create rich interactive reports and infolets
      • Report on custom fields
    • Analytics Platform
      • Consistent data security with transactional UI
      • Leverages Oracle Transactional BI (OTBI)

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