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Oracle Hospitality for Food and Beverage— Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile

Mobile, Actionable Data in Real Time

Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile is a free, downloadable companion app to Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics that provides actionable data, enabling hospitality operators to evaluate performance, measure success against forecast, and make business-critical decisions in real-time.

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    Take action where required through targeted alerts.

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    View up-to-the-minute performance on daily food and beverage operations such as sales, labor, discounts, tenders, guest count, and more.

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    View and manage current employees on the clock to prevent overtime.

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    Hoteliers can manage their entire property, viewing information on arrivals, departures, or housekeeping stats, or checking in on food and beverage operations.

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    View real-time information from Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management System on a single device.

Actionable and Mobile

Actionable and Mobile

  • Access real time business data at your fingertips
  • Save unnecessary cost through overtime awareness
  • Seamlessly delivers both food and beverage and hotel performance in one powerful mobile app
  • Simplified in-app communication between operations personnel and/or guests
  • In-shift awareness creates opportunities for performance incentives or rewards
Video: Oracle InMotion - Mobile Reporting and Analytics (0:32)
Actionable Information for Your Hospitality Business - Oracle InMotion
Actionable Information for Your Hospitality Business - Oracle InMotion

With Oracle MICROS InMotion, receive actionable information in real-time and at your fingertips. Gain insight about and increase efficiency and for your team members today. (0:49)

Real-Time Hospitality Management
Real-Time Hospitality Management

Hospitality operators can use their smartphones to understand both high-level trends and front-line operations, and explore and act on key KPIs wherever they may be. (1:32)

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