Oracle Midmarket—GDP Success Story

How GDP Halved Administration and Trebled Revenues
How GDP Halved Administration and Trebled Revenues


Oracle Sales Cloud is perfect for a micro-enterprise

Oracle Sales Cloud is perfect for a microenterprise.

- Sylvia Beider, Sales and Marketing Analyst, GDP

German microenterprise, and specialist drinks distributor, Global Drinks Partnership (GDP), halved its sales administration and almost trebled revenues within a year of moving sales operations to the cloud.

Trading in popular brands such as San Miguel, Fever Tree, and Aspall’s Cyder, the company needed to transform its manual, spreadsheet-based processes, gain a deeper understanding of its business data, and improve the performance of its sales teams.

Oracle Sales Cloud has liberated GDP sales reps from labour-intensive processes, allowed fast, easy access and analysis of sales data, and improved the accuracy of forecasts.


  • Inefficient, spreadsheet-based manual sales management was labour-intensive and meant there was no single view of customer or sales data
  • The lack of anytime, anywhere access to real-time information had a negative impact on sales and sales activities
  • Representatives across retail and hospitality sales were unable to leverage customer potential through cross-selling

GDP explains how the company increased sales

Sylvia Beider, Sales and Marketing Analyst at GDP, explains how the company increased sales and never missed an opportunity with Oracle Sales Cloud.


  • Oracle Sales Cloud empowered representatives and improved their productivity with accurate and real-time, anytime, anywhere sales tracking and analysis, and easy reporting, resulting in a 31 percent revenue increase within one year
  • Oracle Social Network built smarter sales teams through an internal communications tool that connects people in real time
  • Administrative tasks were reduced by an estimated 50 percent
  • Improved cross-selling brought a threefold increase in sales of some products
  • Opportunity lifecycle management enabled improved sales forecasting capabilities
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