Zero Trust Packet Routing

Zero Trust Packet Routing (ZPR) is an industrywide initiative to create a new open standard for network and data security that will help organizations better protect their data in distributed IT environments. Oracle is collaborating with Applied Invention and other industry partners on the new standard, which will enable networks to collectively enforce the shared security policies and security architecture organizations already use without changing existing applications and networks.

To be compatible with the new standard, Oracle plans to release Oracle Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform. Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform is a next-generation security platform that enables customers to define and enforce an intent-based, data-centric security policy, natively integrated with user and application attributes. The platform will help customers prevent unauthorized access or use of their data without adding extra hurdles for legitimate activities.

The next generation of cloud and data security is coming

  • Unified security and data protection

    Oracle Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform’s intent-based security policy helps constrain data movement in and between distributed environments and control user and application interactions with the data. Technology providers and users will be able to use their network devices to track and block threats to their data wherever it’s stored, creating a unified layer of security.

  • Prevent data leaks and insider threats

    Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform helps prevent data leaks and insider threats by restricting attackers’ ability to move laterally and enforcing strict access control policies based on the identity and attributes of both the data and the communicating resources.

  • Regulatory governance and compliance

    Adopt Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform to help ensure sensitive data isn’t accessed by unauthorized users or environments and to address compliance requirements and the stringent security needs of regulated environments.

Industry perspectives on ZPR

  • “Protecting data across multiple distributed cloud environments requires a completely different approach because coordinating policies across a wide range of solutions and networks is an extremely complicated and time-consuming task. We are looking forward to collaborating with Oracle and providing input to help build the new standard. This initiative stands to revolutionize the way that organizations conduct cybersecurity operations and protect the world’s data.”

    Danny Hillis
    Co-founder, Applied Invention
  • “When designing a secure cybersecurity system, the more checkpoints and restrictions the organization puts in place, the safer the data stored in that system will be. The trade-off is that those restrictions can cause major inefficiencies as they often create time-consuming obstacles for users with a legitimate need to access and manipulate data. The new standard Oracle is helping develop has the potential to change all of that by adding a unified layer of security on top of existing solutions. Building data protection policies into the network itself will help users get the access they need while ensuring the data remains secure behind the scenes.”

    Dave McCarthy
    Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services, IDC