Oracle Storage Appliance ZFS 5-2

Exceptional Performance, Flexibility, and Value

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-2 helps meet the ever-changing storage requirements of multiapplication clouds and lowers costs through consolidation.

Databases and applications run faster and complexity is reduced with high all-flash performance, exceptional midrange scalability, unique Oracle Database optimizations, and storage management automation.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-2

ZFS Storage Appliance ZS5-2

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
Fast. Flexible. Integrated.
  • Accelerate your business with faster databases and applications
  • Cut database storage requirements by up to 50 percent
  • Achieve 4:1 or greater consolidation
  • Automate Oracle Database storage management
  • Reduce storage complexity, risk, and TCO
  • 1.2 PB of all-flash capacity
  • Over 50 TB per hour data protection restore performance
  • Up to 90 percent reduction in Oracle Database storage management
  • Two 18-core Xeon® processors per controller
  • 384 GB or 786 GB memory per controller
  • Up to 32 12 Gb SAS-3 ports per controller
  • Up to 204 TB of flash cache per system
  • 10 and 40 Gb Ethernet, 16 Gb Fibre Channel, 40 Gb InfiniBand connectivity
  • NFS v4.1, SMB 3, HTTP, WebDav, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, OpenStack Swift
  • ISCSI, FibreChannel, iSER, SRP, IP, and RDMA over InfiniBand
  • Single-controller and high-availability configurations
  • Up to 1.2 PB of all-flash or 3.8 PB of disk capacity
  • Unified storage support for file, block, and object protocols
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High performance

Proven all-flash SMP architecture enables faster application execution and supports hundreds of databases and thousands of VMs per system for 4:1 or greater unified storage consolidation.


Extreme flexibility

Optimized for both low-latency transactional applications and high-throughput streaming environments.


Designed for clouds

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance was born in the cloud and supports dynamic, multiapplication workloads with high performance, efficiency, and deep storage insights.


Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol

Coengineered with Oracle Database to autotune storage and prioritize IOs to accelerate latency-sensitive IOs up to 13x, run applications and backups up to 33 percent faster, and cut storage management by up to 90 percent.


Deep storage insights

DTrace storage analytics enables storage administrators to quickly understand storage issues and resolve them in less time and with up to 67 percent fewer steps than NetApp.


Unique Cost Effectiveness

High-end performance from a midrange system, effective unified storage consolidation, and the unique ability to cut Oracle Database storage by up to 90 percent with Hybrid Columnar Compression combine to reduce storage TCO by more than 50 percent.

Asia Commercial Bank Accelerates Business by 4x
Asia Commerical Bank logo
Asia Commercial Bank Accelerates Business by 4x

We chose Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance over IBM because Oracle Database runs best on Oracle hardware, enabling us to process daily closing up to 4x faster, increase storage capacity by 3x, and reduce overall hardware investment costs by 30 percent over the next three years.

—Ho Thai Truong Giang, IT Director, Asia Commercial Bank

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